Fight Stick 3 question

I’ve always played fighting games on a d-pad, but i’m decent when i go to the arcades as well. It always takes a little while for me to get accustomed with the stick and button layout, but after a few minutes I can get moves and combos out no problem. Recently my wife, being sweet as hell, got me a Hori Fight stick 3 for my birthday. It is the 1st arcade style stick i’ve ever owned, and i was really excited to have the arcade feel at home while playing some Street Fighter 4. After playing with the stick for a week or so now i still can’t get my combos out. Something about the stick feels weird or off. Is it just me or is it something with the stick?

its stock hori

diagonals are going to be a bitch to come out

some people dont like the hori button feel(they do crap out later on, but i dont think they will this early)

you need to get used to sticks more

that’s a sweet wife(though they are mad cheap)

you may want to consider modding it to better parts later via

It’s one of those “You gotta get used to it” sort of things. I’m willing to bet that the arcades you went to used American arcade parts in their cabinets, meaning you’ve probably used things like bat-shaped handle joysticks and maybe concave buttons in 2 straight rows or something similar. Hori’s Fighting Stick line of arcade sticks have parts that are styled after Japanese arcade parts which are characterized by requiring less force to operate and the joysticks have a square shaped restrictor gate. If you notice, if you run your joystick along the walls of the restrictor, it makes a square shape with the corners being the diagonals. That’s probably what is throwing you off with your Fighting Stick 3. Don’t worry, it is absolutely natural for new stick users to need to get used to the Japanese arcade style. Just keep chugging on.