Fight nights at Just Crepes downtown Seattle

Hello all, my name is Vinson and the owner of Just Crepes, it’s a Japanese style creperie that serves both sweet and savory crepes, bubble tea, and smoothies as well.

I recently opened the shop about 3 weeks ago right in the heart of downtown Seattle on 5th underneath the monorail and about 3 blocks away from the Space Needle.

I would like to use the space of my shop to host casual/tournaments if there is enough people who’s willing to come out I can might able to make it a weekly thing (a few times a week, maybe).

I currently have just a tv mounted on the wall, no set ups. If you do decide to come out and play, please bring the systems and monitors.

I’m a big fan of fighting games, used to play a lot of sf4ae mk9 and sfxt. Just with the business that I simply don’t have time anymore to play, entering the slow season here, I thought it’d be a really good idea to host it here to get more exposure while contributing to the fgc.

I’m thinking of hosting it as soon as this Wednesday night or Thursday night, if there’s a good amount of reply to this thread then it’s a go.

Please state in your replies if you’re able to bring the set ups.

There won’t be a charge, I simply ask you to just buy something from the shop if you do decide to stay and play.
The Crepes ranges from $3-$6 sweet and savory. And bubble tea ranges from $3-$3.50

Here is the 411 Yelp,

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