Fight Club - 3rd Strike Team Tourney Sun Oct14th

The games at this Fight Club will just be 3rd Strike Team Tourney

Fight Club is single elimation

Fight Club will be held in West Wonderland Server: server ip (

The day will be on Sunday the 14th of October.

Deadline of joining is Sunday the 14th of October or as soon as I get 24 participants (8 teams) whichever comes first.

Time will be 6:00 pm for pacific 9:00pm for eastern 8:00pm central.

Emulater and Rom

Emulator:M.A.M.E32++0.117(July 12 2007)

Game : Street Fighter III 3rd Strike: Fight for the Future (Japan,990512,NO CD) [sfiii3n]

Need Emu ?

Rules - 3rd Strike

1.)You can not use Shin Akuma or Gill.

2.)If you are later then 5 minutes of your match you will get dq’ed.

3.) You can only switch characters if you lose but you can switch your sa whenever you want.

4.)If you cannot use the West Wonderland server to play your matches use either p2p or another server and report back to West Wonderland with the results.

Team Tourney Rundown

Heres how team tourney works. Pick a name for your team, a team must consist of 3 players and on that team everyone must use a different character. Post here if you want to enter. Tell me what character you are going to use and let me know ahead of time if you are pairing up with someone or else I will randomly pair up with others.
Max amount of participants are 8 teams (24 people). When team matches are going down, choose who you want to go up first and winner plays the next person on the other team.

Team Tourney Free Agents: [Echau(Ken/Chun/Yang), Tha Don(Ryu), Bustabust(Akuma/Yun/Urien/Ken/Makoto), Zerogunner(Alex/Ryu/Yang), Superfro(Dudley), Ryuto(Makoto/Sean/Akuma/Twelve), Mischeif(?), Slit Wrists(Ibuki), Kakashi(Ken), Ro-Ro Fight The Power(?), Tweak(Necro), Tenren(Ibuki/Makoto), Cezts(Urien)]

  1. Warriorz [Supreme(Ken)/Cruise(Urien)/Knarxed(Yun)]
  2. LuCky 3 [Whooisodis(Ken)/Tsumuri(Hugo)/scherz0(Ryu)]