FGC in the Bay Area? Arcades....anywhere? Halp ><

Hey, all. Relatively new to SRK, but it’s clearly a great resource. My friend and I are getting really serious about USF4 but haven’t been able to find anywhere/anyone to play at/with. Are there are arcades or meetups or internet cafe’s or…anything that hosts tournaments? Or even casuals?

I’d love to find somewhere to play, but it’d also be great to meet some fellow FGC members in the bay area (I live in Oakland, myself, but am mobile), so I’m just reaching out here.

Would love some help or some feedback. Cheers, guys.

Cool, man. That’s close enough. Is this like an every friday kind of thing? I checked the facebooks/twitters and i see there were some recent USF4 stuff but I didn’t see any upcoming SF events. Tournaments would be cool, but even just a place to chill and play some casuals would be awesome.

My friends have been trying to put together meet ups and tournaments in the Pinole area.

Hey that’d be great, bro. I’d definitely drive up for a weekly meetup/tournament. There just seems to be nothing out here and it would be worth it to make the trip. I’ll check in with the facebook. Thanks ^^

Edit: Damn, actually it looks like the weeklies are going to be Saturdays at 1pm, and i work Sat 1 to 6 every week. Too bad, would have loved to come through. Thanks anyways, man.