FG Fan Live Adaptations Support

Hey Guys!

I recently discovered this gem: The King of Fighters '98 - Live Action: [media=youtube]ITqxa9ykrAs[/media]

Isn’t that a wonderful video?

His Fatal Fury adaptation: [media=youtube]svqNAGl2fnA[/media]

And, his SFII adaptation for all you SNK noobs: [media=youtube]DAkUiRWV10I[/media]

The creator, Marti Escageda, just released a KOF 99 Live Action movie, which you can see in the following link: [media=youtube]wa9oXnBV8RM[/media]

He also recently released an IndieGoGo campaign to raise money for his upcoming movie: KOF 2001 Live Action.

IndieGoGo link: http://www.indiegogo.com/kof-2001-live-action

Can you imagine a KOF XIII Live Action done by this guy? a SFIV adaptation? It would be wonderful!!!

I am in no way affiliated with him or any of his ventures. I’m just trying to promote the awesomeness that his videos, KOF, and FG are. So, lets be nice and support this guy, shall we?

Stuff like this is what should be on the Shoryuken Homepage. And yes, I just created my account because I feel like this guy deserves a lot of attention for his work.