FFA Street Fighter 4 Tournament (9/6) Results

Thanks to everyone who partcipated. Here’s the results:

1st: Alex V. (M. Bison, Ryu)
2nd: Peter (Abel, Rufus)
3rd: Fuson909 (Guile, Chun-Li)
4th: Ed (C. Viper)
6th: Maxamillian (Ryu, Ken)
6th: Gootecks (Rufus, Ryu)
8th: Nasir (Ryu)
8th: Pimp Willy (E. Honda)

Peter and Alex got to the last match of the last set, it was really close.

There were 15 entrants.

Here’s the ratio of characters:

Ryu: 7
E. Honda: 2
Guile: 2
Akuma: 2
Rufus: 2
Abel: 1
Ken: 1
Balrog: 1
Chun: 1
El Fuerte: 1
Viper: 1

Another tournament next Saturday (9/13).

Are there any videos?

wow 7 ryus?!

uh… sup with 6th and 8th place in a single elim tourney… not that it matters lol.

Anyway the ratio of chars… How does Combo use Abel/Rufus yet theres no Abel/Rufus listed?? Gootecks with Rufus… Valle with Bison though I understand maybe the last 2 used ryu primarily or something…

i was thinking same thing. typo perhaps?

It was alot of fun, I’ll be there next Saturday. Lets discuss increasing the win limit now :woot:


Valle can not be stopped. He will win tournies when SF X is out.

Good thing the 64 man cap was in place

and its HD too

see ya guys here

MAn This Suxs! im Missing out!
This what happens if u hook up with a clinging GF:tdown:

Can Family lower the price to 50 cents during the tournament at least?

Wouldn’t it be a better idea to stagger the tournaments with the AI ones?

stagger the tournaments please
love the setup
but very awkward on those sticks for some reason
good games
i got spanked
see you at AI next sat

I had a gut feeling that once SF4 was going to be released COMBO would be using Abel as one of his main characters…lol

these results remind me of the weekles back in the SHGL days

1st Valle
2nd Combo

then 1st Combo …2nd Valle

All you new school cats need to start stepping up your game…don’t let these grandpas of SF keep on winning anymore…lol j/k

gj to errybody in the tourney

uhhhh there’s a tournament at AI. it’s been announced waaaaaaay back too…

did you get direct feed video to work?

was fun but ouchies on the money.

It was a definite that Valle was going to take the gold since he gets 25+ wins every time he plays at Super and AI.

He was raping players last night with Akuma, so watch out :wow:

Damn, I wish I could join the AI tourney, but I work that night :arazz:

Tourney was awsome wish it was a bit cheaper 75 cents would even be cool. See ya at next Tourney.

Here is the video of the winners, losers, and grand finals in one playlist.

Good shit to all that played:rock:. There were some great matches that i know people want to see.

Right now im working on the rest so would you guys prefer the rest of the vids to be broken up so that every match is it own video or how every much can fit into youtube 10 min limit?