FFA: Soomighty VS Dark Prince MM Tonight @ 10:30PM

Money match between MSP-God SooMighty and West’s 2nd best Dark Prince

Tonight 3/11 at Family Fun Arcade at 10:30PM


EDIT: MM Results

CYF vs Dark Prince: 10-6 Dark Prince
Soo vs Dark Prince: 10-1 SooMighty

Smaller MMs
Mike Ross vs Soo: 5-4 Mike Ross with a comeback from 1-4
GuyWongsta vs Mike Ross: 5-1 Mike Ross cuz he’s a cheater lol
Mike Ross vs G Money: 3-0 Mike Ross
Dexterous vs Mike Chaos: 5-1 Dexterous
GuyWongsta vs S2KJin: 4-2 GuyWongsta
CYF vs Dexterous: 5-2 Dexterous

tape that shit and post results!!! :tup:

what they be playin fo? (cash amount)

^^^ i’m trying to get someone to tape it, but hopefully mike ross will be there

i think they are playing for $100 or $150, but there’s a grip of sidebets goin down

so where the results?
and vid links if any

I have no clue why there is a thread about this. Tied/Drunk marvel is not entertaining. 10-1 Soo is the final score and with matches that horrible thanks to ffa sticks with missed snaps and dhc’s your lucky it was not recorded. There was no money exchange since I beat his friend 10-6 before I played him. All in all, I wasted about 5 hours of my life that I now want back…ffa is 2 hours away. Thanks to e-rock for the liquor, shit was kick nuts.

Soo took it 10-1 vs. DPC.

DPC beat George (aka CYF?) like 10-6 or something.

Good matches.

Props to guywongsta for beating me in a 5 dollar MM. =]

horrible games, sticks sucks.
but all in all, i lost fair and square. i suck against runaway.
nobody got paid,
dpc beat me 10-6
soo beat dpc 10-1

Man speaks the truth, gg’s sir.

cyf lost to dp and i won against dp so cyf gave me the money just to clarify for those who were curious.

well, i gave you the side you wanted. but iono. gg’s. youll get me next time. didnt know your msp was that beastly.

results posted

any vids of the matches?

i knew dat ricky was too good for mike chaos

dang i wish I could have gone. I could have recorded some matches.