FFA Ranbat MvC2 5.2 Results 11/10/07

Here are the results for MvC2 Ranbat 5.2

13 Players Entered

1st. Fanatiq
2nd. Finesse
3rd. Illan
4th. SK
6th. Magic213
6th. BB Hood
8th. Darkness
8th. Andrew
10th. Strider M
10th. Justin
10th. Highder
13th. Freddy
13th. Exterminator

Total Points:

1st: Finesse - 17
2nd: Fanatiq - 15
3rd: Dark Prince - 7
4th: Illan - 5
5th: Mike Z - 3
5th. SK - 3

See ya in 2 weeks! :bgrin:

:confused: Finesse what the hell!! at leaset Illan should of taken this shit.

As you can see there was 13 entries which is good compared to the amount of people we had last time. I would like to thank Bakersfield people for driving down to go to our tourney even though we didnt go to their’s 2 weeks before. GG’s to everybody I played. A guy recorded some matches but I dont know his name(or alias on SRK) and when he is(if he is) gonna post them up.

EDIT: Sorry about running the tourney on one machine :^( but thats all that we had that was really working.

here are the grand finals which were decided to be best out of three instead of five

I will post the other matches that i recorded after the first round soon


congrats to that blood ass nigga (fa NOT it) for giving me a reality check

:yawn: fantasy island is over, now its back to the real world next time around :yawn:


goodshit Fanatiq

B-Town will be there in two weeks:smokin:

MSP for the win! Good shit fanatiq. I dunno if finesse is gonna let this happen next time :bgrin: .

Here are the matches that I recorded after the first round but before grand finals

I would have put names but I didnt know everyone :wonder:

good shit fanatiq!

Nice results. i might be showing up for this weeks ranbat. are these all getting recorded with commentary?