FFA Ranbat 3.1 Results

FFA Ranbat 3.1 Results

42 Total Entrants

1st: Shadini 4:20 (10 pts)
2nd: Amir Amirsaleh (7 pts)
3rd: Gootecks (5 pts)
4th: Ed Ma (3 pts)
5th: Sextaro Inoue
5th: Arlieth Tralare
7th: Andrew L.
7th: Mike Watson

Thanks for everyone who came! The tournament started at 8 sharp and ended at midnight. A 3v3 team tourney was held afterward but didn’t make it on tape. Next tourney is in two weeks!

Also, Pyro was absent as he’s in Michigan for the weekend, and Combofiend came in later 'cause of work and beasted in the team tourney with Yun.

For future updates, http://www.denjin-video.com

pyro in MI? why the hell would he want to come here? lol

wow big turnout…sorry i had to miss it…congrats josh…first tourney win!

Family Fun Humor:

I wasn’t missing in action…

I was Michigan Action (say it fast for proper effect/humor/wit/fun)

who is shadini?

Nice, good to see we are getting better in this game overall…

I will do what I can here on the EC over the next year.

I’m on the EC now! :looney:

i actually thought this was humorous. :sweat:

he was the guy that had to watch jizzaster after getting beat by AmirSolidRyu

wheres the damn vids :confused:

Patience is a virtue.

Now that I’ve said that, I want vids!