FFA - MvC2 Weekly Ranbats starting May 21

Alright, I’m gonna kick off ranbats starting on friday. I posted already in the FFA thread but this is for outsiders.

TIME: Fridays 7pm signups, 8pm start time

$5 entry fee

You know the rules. This is WEEKLY for 5 weeks so we got…

May 21
May 28
June 4
June 11
June 18

The only rule that is 100% in effect is
**If the tourney started already and you did not call or get someone to sign you up, there will be NO late entries. I am tired of remaking brackets (it is a pain doing it by hand), and I am tired of putting people in bye spots after first round has ended. I don’t care if you are a top player or not. I make the brackets, I think this rule is justified. **

I will talk to Tom/Ralph to see if they can give a prize to the overall winner.

These points are NOT confirmed yet, I got to go play mario kart to see how the point system works, I am drawing a blank right now. If someone can post how it was done it the past, please let me know.
1st - 10pts
2nd - 6pts
3rd - 4pts
4th - 1pt

I will also ask Ralph if we can move the controls back from the screen. I know every week they are inching the controllers closer and closer and now its just wayyyy too close to the screen and hard to see. I’ll try to fix that.

Also, this WILL be a hybrid tourney. Players can choose arcade or DC. If BB Hood or Strider Zero can be kind enough to bring one with a memory card, that would be great. I don’t have a setup on me right now.
Winner of the ranbat will be determined by the top 2 players with points in a challenge with Fanatiq. So it will be Fanatiq + top 2 in a round robin to determine first place. Fanatiq will be banned from entering ranbats for this reason. **

I will bring a DC + memory card on days that I go. Not for this friday though. Have to practice for TvC tourney this Sat. I’ll let you know.

Good shit ds. Will there be a livestream to these weeklys? Would like to watch, Ahem Cough Striderzer0

Good shit getting 1st Finesse. I predict top 5 will be 4 MSPs and 1 thrax haha.

Silly Chunk. You don’t spell ‘Khaos’ that way.

I might actually be able to make it to some of these…

ok ill bring a DC on friday. I will also try to set up a direct feed to stream for both set ups if we use one of the big tvs for the DC

I’ll be there to get my ass whooped.

Good shit to everyone that showed up last night.

I don’t know how I was able to win the ranbat, yet do so poorly in MM’s afterwards. I apologize.

Hey Dan, just so you know, I’ll be at NCR this weekend starting Friday, so I won’t be around to help with the tourney stuff. Hopefully Nathan can be there to help out with the hardware stuff. Also, PM me with your email address so we can start putting MvC2 ranking battle points up on the new website at http://www.ffa-united.com .

Remember tonight and also its a HYBRID, bring sticks if you got em! Strider zero, once again if you can DC it up, it would be great. Once i get a DC, Ill stop buggin you

I really want evo practice, so please don’t make me force it to straight console only

You know nobody is going to bring their sticks like last week. You should just change it strictly to console. Sticks/buttons are ass on cabs anyway.

Just wondering if there is gonna be a stream tonight?

sorry will be late tonight, maybe 9pm or so. pls sign me up if possible.


edit: hi tommy!

Hi Clock,
Miss you:confused:

I will be able to go this friday. Should I bring a DC?

Who won the 2nd ranbat? Results?

I don’t know. I didn’t go last week.


Just don’t start the damn thing so early this time. 9:30 at the earliest!