FFA MvC2 Ranbats 4.6 May 19, 2007. Congrats to Finesse!


19 entries

1st - Finesse
2nd - Ace
3rd - Mike Ross
4th - Fanatiq
5th - Mr. Late
5th - Clockwork Jr.
7th - Jaminis
7th - Flying Guy
9th - mardig
9th - spartan
9th - magnetro
9th - amir
13th - mr. pasadena
13th - chaotic blue
13th - speedracer
13th - illan jr.
17th - BB Hood
17th - metrock
17th - swindler

Finesse: 50 pts
Fanatiq: 23 pts
Dark Prince: 19 pts

Congrats to Finesse for winning 5 ranbat tournies in a row and 2 Ranbat Seasons in a row.

Final 8 recorded with commentary by Vic, Steve, and me

damn, good shit to rossimus and ace

also good shit to clockwork jr for steppin up

and thanks in advance to finesse for buying me food like he promised if he won the ranbat

Tourny was pretty hyped, I can say all the bako heads had fun just a couple thoughts.

-I didnt get the PM so I didnt wear my Xmen shirt like everyone else :sweat:-
-Thanks to the commentator for the big money sie bets. I was able to supersize at carls jr afterward.-
-Fanatiq: I almost thouhgt you were gonna lose that match and I was sweating I wouldnt have any lunch money left dawg, thanks for winning :rock:-

And once again from the hype machine himself…OH MY GAWD!!!

good shit michael
good shit ace

Thank you Dan( aka Mr. Late ) for running the tourney and doing some commentary.
Thanks Mike Ross and Ace for coming. Thank you Bakersfield people for coming. Thanks Vic and Steve for doing commentary as well. Oh and Thanks Tom and Shogo for a good MvC 2 ranbat season.

I had fun.

gg’s guys! good shit to finesse for winning this ranbat season

Thanks wongsta. And thnks ace and mike ross for the whoppings =)

a jason nice avatar strider chuck doom i should pick that team up

U already beast with that team son. Remeber the model I always follow.
“Do it for poppi baby”

Congrats to the placers. You guys are the fuckin formula.

gg’s man! highlight of the night was definitely when you did that sick ass reset against amir’s sent hahaha :bgrin:

gg’s everyone good shit. Keep running things Dan.

Seriously, and you guys play marvel? everyone knows chuck is godlike when its Ironman Chuck Doom. Chuck’s RH kick sj cancel hyper chuck ( the super version of chucks RH.) is godlike. too bad its 3 levels : (. hey jason did you know chuck can also divide by zero.

Damn I remember when Finesse first started coming by FFA, was a damn good player but it seems he’s now THE man at FFA now. Good shit.

And one last thing 1982 called and said they want all there XMEN shirts back especially the shirts that were at FFA sat night.

Bastard I still cant do that :annoy:

that shirt came out 3 weeks ago. i was at the premiere release

when is the next video coming out?

i had my shirt pre-ordered at GameStop

no shit? were you at the midnight release?

waited in line for 3 hours. thought about selling it on ebay for 300% profit, but i liked it too much