-=ffa Marvel 7/21/06 Tourny=-

G $$$ Will be hosting a MVC2 birthday bash tournament at FFA on 7/21/06. This will be a singles, and team tournament so bring your A-Game for side bets and money matches galore. Tournament sign ups at 8 PM, Tourny starts 9PM sharp.

You know the deal…Double elim for singles. Finals for winners/losers bracket 3outof5. Grand finals 4outof7 (unless power off in 3 minutes, in which case contestants will retire to the parking lot for a fist fight). Team Tourny single elim for 3 man team. Winners, losers, and grand finals, 2outof3 FOR THE WHOLE TEAM (the winning team will beat everyone through twice, TEAM MEMBERS CAN SWITCH UP THEIR TEAM IN LOSERS, WINNERS, AND GRAND FINALS IF THEY LOSE ONLY)

Prize structure 60-30-10 for singles and team and the winner of singles will also recieve a coupon for where to buy an XBOX 360 wholesale for 10$$$. Can’t wait to see everyone for the pre EVO ranking battle showdowns! Practice up!


oh yeah here is the FFA synopsis for all the Texas heads showing up…

Family Fun Arcade
10363 Balboa Blvd
Granada Hills, CA 91344
(818) 360-0419

Arcade located in Granada Hills. Open late; closes 2-3 am! We have a number of fighting games and music games. Most fighting games are on 360s with Happs competition buttons. Old school and new school games on head to heads, showcases, and big screens!

Me, finese, illan for teams. i will not enter singles but i still want the coupon. if you dont give me the coupon, ill kick you in the back while ur playing a tournament match.

or you’ll just kick me in the back by telling loren you never talked to me at evo west, resulting in him getting stranded and hating me forever…ill give you two coupons for that numb nuts

this is the worst thread title ever, no location, no game, u are the worst thread maker in tournaments.

db = loren

Please leave the drama off line.

i will be there and i will be entering marvel

and i will fuck atleast one person up pretty good i think

G For Evo Champ Wutttttttttttttttttt

Team Hollywood: Me, Garrett, and E-Roc.

Someday. . .

I’ll sign up next week…its goin down

Hey cryptesthesia, is Ralph (owner) aware of this tourney coming up? We want to make sure all the machines are in working order for this. Also, I just saw this tonight, and for future tourneys, try to coordinate with me since having multiple tourneys colliding on the same day isn’t good.

arlieth@gmail.com is best way to reach me. thanks!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

edit: you know its mvc2 right? not 3s


lol yea, even the big screen is not working.

R2J new srk name or are you someone else?

Someone else, I’ve seen you play at ff…your mag is good. i played u a few times

Yeah, yeah, I know. :lol: But Denjin Video wants to record footage in future tourneys when we get the chance.

well, if you can get them to fix it before the tourney so we can practice, the marvel community would appreciate it very much. we ask them but they ignore us and put tape over the coin slot.

make team tourney 2 on 2

Man this is gonna be a decent tourney.

I just came across this new rapper. He goes by the name Danny S. Haven’t seen him yet…just thought i’d give you the latest info.