FFA 8/11 Friday - 3rd Strike Team Tourney (3v3)

Family Fun Arcade
Granada Hills, CA

Friday, August 11th @ 7pm
3v3 Team Tourney
Entry: $5, Winner Take All
Modified SBO Format:
[]Double Elimination
]No Duplicate Characters
[]Single Match
]Judgment Accepted


I’m not losing to Mike Z again.



The black man struggles no more. My OCV ftw! UUAAGHH!!

hahahahaah. Morrigan is gonna be our third, we’re gonna pwn.

But it doesnt matter. You’re gonna need nothing more than a chair. Because You’re gonna OCV them!

OCV doesn’t mean one character victo-lose.

you big stupids.

trippy, adolfo is playing at both of those tournaments.

and I think he was going to use hugo, so look out!!1111

if you need me to, I’ll dispatch of him for you again. :smiley:

adolfo can suck my balls

You’re right, Sherlock, it doesn’t. estupido


what he said.

ray wants to know if its an open offer.

You won’t even face Z. I promise you every corkscrew will be headbutted. :tup:

Not if I believe.

tom please dont start the tournies at 4am in the morning, i wanna play this time hoe!

drunk tom > ALL

Does anyone want to be on my team, or will anyone let me on their team?

UltraDavid, HOLLER! I’m trying to get super scrub extraordinaire Ray Ramos on my team.

im probably gonna find a couple ringers tom. at FFA, im gonna be there from like 2:30-2:30. Im the 16 year old white dude wit blonde hair. i play a blue oro so if u see me and u need a place to call home, hit me up. ill probly go to fatburger (god of all resteraunts) between the MvC2 and the 3s, its gonna be fun. ^^ peace

ok hey what’s up guys. This is Lenin and I’m looking for a third member for tomorrows tournament, we’re not too picky but at the same time, we want to have something of an opportunity to get past at least the first round, so if you would, lemme know if you’re down

thanks a lot. and btw we wouldn’t have to be doing this if amir wasn’t a retarded cunt.

fuck you amir, fuck you and your dog.

Dander hit me up if u see me. sounds like sum good shit. i dont think id make it to championship, but i want to still compete, and i know i can bring it.

I got money on cincostar, pyro, and amir. :smile:

I got money on Rich :wgrin:

sugar.water.purple = mother fucking ube!!! hahah
trev make me a baddass avatar.

If you’re down, I’m down.