FFA 3s Ranbat 4.4 Results - 4/7/07

Hey guys, sorry for lagging with results and I apologize on behalf of the Denjin Video staff for the problems involved with this tournament. Nobody had a 64 man bracket handy so we had to write them by hand until we finally got a printed bracket. I apologize for this and it won’t happen again.

Here are the results:

  1. Amir +10pts
  2. Pyrolee +7pts
  3. Kobe Bryant +5pts
  4. Victoly +3pts
  5. Ed Ma
  6. Kai
  7. gootecks
  8. Adolfo

Current point tally:

  1. Amir 40pts
  2. Pyrolee 28pts
  3. Kobe Bryant 10pts
  4. gootecks 5pts
  5. Ayehood 5pts
  6. IronFist 3pts
  7. Ed Ma 3pts
  8. Victoly 3pts

Amir takes it, four in a row. Thumbs up to Kai for I believe his first 5th place and also to Adolfo for making it to top 8. I believe we had 50 entrants or so. We’ll see you guys April 21st, so bring your A-game!

OMG! Amir again, so he already won this ranbat, CGs to Amir and the FFA crew to host the ranbats, will we have the vids anytime soon?

There are still 2 more to go, so Pyro can possibly still take it. 4.2 will be out hopefully by the weekend, please be patient. :slight_smile:

Only way Amir’s gonna let go of 1st is by placing 4th or below from now on, and Pyro winnin the last two. :wonder:

Good Job to everyone and especially high warlord Amir :smiley:

Congrats to Amir.

whats up with season 3 videos?

amir best player in us now?

Season 3?!?!?!

Old School.

Please put Ken I in my bracket.

I’ll try my best like always…Edma sent me to losers early this tourney

My matches vs Amir keep getting closer and closer…but chun li’s still my worst matchup…I always have a slump right before SBO every year lol

Am I weird for finding Amir’s chun-li amusing? I mean damn it’s like watching a live action of rape in process… no lube.

Only if you also enjoy watching live action rape.

Who the fuck lugs around lube when their out to rape somebody.

“1 sec, I need to lube you up”

Except for Amir. Can’t stick it in that hole without lube.

I heard it’s much easier to push in if you just fucking SUICIDE.

trust me rom, this has happened before

oh some highlights that will never make top 8:

-ken i gets beat early
-i am a scrub vs kobe
-adolfo is god
-edma convincinly sends pyro to losers
-tourney starts at 10 ends at 2
-combo loses to vic and amir, tough luck combo your oro is still really nice

yeah tourney started sooooo late.

gg to all i played. yi and rays son was too funny.

Kobe Bryant - 81 pts

i didnt play combofriend in the tourney.

cream colored turtlenecks ftfw



That guy Kai is pretty sick, I saw him beasting at AI with his chun…

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: