FFA 3s 3v3 Tourney on 8/11

It was a fantastic turnout and appreciate everyone coming out and supporting the scene still.
Alot of good battles but no theres no videos.

1st place: Watson, John D, Amir

2nd place: Yi, Ken I, Pyrolee

3rd place: Ray Ramos, Aldofo, Arlieth

4th place: Ty, Rob, Andrew

5th and 6th place: 1. Edma, Mutant Xp, Gootecks | 2. Derilick, Andrew, David

7th and 8th place: 1. Scott, MattxChin, Leo | 2. Mike Z, Vito, Thongboy

9th,10th,11th,12th: 1. Suuppa, Morrigan, Trippy | 2. Ultra David, Lenin, Tony | 3. Don, Ja Ha, Marvin the Magnificent | 4. John, Jose, Edwin

13th, 14th, 15th: 1. David, Hai, Stan | 2. Jon, Shea, Ramin | 3. Lo Pro, No Rounds, Reset

Thanks for attending bitches

Matt says it like, “fanthasthic” with a limp wrist. :stuck_out_tongue:

awesome tournament! amir and john were beastly…

Ty/Rob/Andrew 4th place?? Guess even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while, good job guys.

Wish I could have hung around after my team lost, but good games to the guys I played and good seeing people I get to see like four times a year. Too bad that first round match against Gootecks/Mutant/Ed wasn’t on video, couple of good games in there.

hey fucker, you owe me five bucks!


this is lenin btw

Oh dang, I forgot to pay? Sorry about that man, I’ll bring a fiver with me to IF when I go this week and hope I run into a Chin who can give it to you.