Few questions about throw

Hello. Want just to be sure that i’am right.
Situation enemy doing blockstring cr.lp cr.lp stop it and go to throw 3 frame startup.
I, ryu for exp, teching throw cr.lp+lk. My cr.lk 4 frames startup.
I hit cr.lk+lp on first or second frame startup of enemy throw. Then my ryu will do cr.lk? And enemy will throw me from my startup of cr.lk. Right? Or i will tech?
In other words, tech throw window start on 3 frame enemy throw? After startup throw or in same time? How much window frames for cr. teching? How much for st. teching?
Thx for help.

you’ll get thrown. you gotta delay your crouch tech.

i want examples in numbers. When start tech window. How long is it?

it’s not newbie question? I see


Standing tech is technically 10 frames, 3 for your throw (You can’t throw another opponent out of throw startup) and 7 for the tech window. I’m not sure if these are the correct numbers, but it means you have a 7 frame crouching tech window, and you have to crouch-tech AFTER you’re hit with the opponent’s throw, or else you’ll get grabbed out of cr.LK startup.

So. The window for crouch-tech is 7 frames long, starting from the first active frame your opponent’s Throw, provided he hit you with it.

Thx Krackatoa. Your answer is great. All as i thought