Female soldiers to go to combat

WASHINGTON — Pentagon chief Leon Panetta has lifted the military’s ban on women serving in combat, a move that will allow women into hundreds of thousands of front-line positions and potentially elite commando jobs, a senior Defense official said Wednesday.

The move, which was recommended by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, overturns a 1994 rule banning women from such roles, said a Pentagon official speaking on anonymity because the decision has not been announced publicly.


Now all we need is female selective service :lovin:

though on the other hand, rip Ranger School and Spec Ops :sad:

Gimmie a platoon of pissed off women with something to prove and shit’s gonna explode.

Finally, for too long have women gone unkilled in the name of lies and corporate interests.

^Not quite true as there have been numerous female soldiers killed by direct fire or other means, so they haven’t made it out *completely * unscathed.

Match: I see what you’re saying, but I think shit’s going to explode well beforehand regardless of what women have to “prove”. I can’t wait to see what SOCOM/JSOC members say about this.

Combat fatalities expected to rise because of boob jiggle distraction and bottom pinching mid-combat.

You can’t put women into combat for a number of reasons. This is either a joke or they are smoking some good weed.

List them.

[Insert period joke here]

This should put a little dent in the US’s population.

Man I need a gif of that dude talling Caska in the new Berserk movie that he would make her the commander of a THOUSAND cocks.

impregnated via rape
kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery

war cirmes or not, we all know what happens behind closed doors in addition to not being able to keep track of everyone.

Well I assume this means the implementation of universal PE as well.

Either way I think this will have a completely inverted effect because the instant female casualties start matching and eventually surpassing male casualties, the public will demand we don’t send our daughters to the slaughter and the whole process just repeats again lol.

Careful what you wish for, we need our youth population high so we can beat out our graying economic competitors such as China, Russia, Most of Europe and Brazil.

All I have to say is that they had better not “modify” the physical requirements to become a soldier. If I were on the front lines, I would much rather go into battle with a super butch she-beast who can sling me over her shoulder and carry me to safety if need be rather than some scrawny “pretty” chick who can barely lift a bag of potatoes.

A few on the top of my head:
-Hygiene, I went to FTX a few times and the women in my support unit had to go back to the barracks to shower and do feminine things, you don’t have that luxury in combat.

  • Strength, if there was a fire fight, and a soldier got injured, anyone would want their battle buddies to be assure that they will be able to get them out of the situation and get medical help. The amount of gear a typical soldier has to carry with them, is heavy. When I was in the service, we had PT tests, the tests were not the same between genders. I had not seen a woman come close to what the top results in the men side.
  • War is hell, if a female gets captured, she will get it worse than a lot of guys.
    -Being amongst men. The military has dirt on it’s own members, sexual assault, scandals, prostitution, etc etc. To have a woman be in a tank with a bunch of guys is a recipe for disaster. Ask any tanker to tell you stories, and you will see.

Thank you, Brunhilde, for your personal acts of valor above and beyond the call of duty.

-But isnt hygiene something that can easily be resolved…I mean I imagine most guys probably dont shower or clean their assholes out after every shit so if men have been able to maintain themselves I don’t see why women would have a problem.

-From what I know the exceptional women who meet the PT test only average around the male median to the lower end of that median. Not to mention PT test in themselves are not a perfect indicator anyways since I imagine most of the woman who would pass it would be shorter and lighter then their male counter-parts…could present a misleading measurement of qualification.

-Well if guys get captured they would just killed or tortured which isnt that different from women. Maybe a woman will get raped or sold into sexual slavery but if thats the case at least she’s alive while the male soldier would just be killed.

I approve

She’ll most certainly get a Medal of Honor for her prowess when it comes to Modern Warfare

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