Female Aggression

I find this article incredibly vindicating because it supports many of my own ideas concerning female aggression. I’ve long thought that women dress up more to compete with other women rather than get the attention of men (who could probably care less whether their shoes and purse matched), but I find it interesting that more attractive women tend to be the target of more aggression. This is completely against the stereotype of the attractive campus queen who rules over others with an iron fist. Perhaps many attractive women are forced to be more assertive by the aggressions of their peers, rather than them simply being assertive based on their looks.

But what I think most of you will find especially interesting, is the idea that the suppression of female sexuality is largely due to the fact that other women are jealous. Now I know many of you have long held the belief that prude anti-sex feminists who bitch about anything even resembling a plunging neckline or thong stifle the sexuality of other women out of their own insecurities, but it’s nice to have some scientific backing for this idea (and for a pro-sex feminist like myself this is delicious).

Furthermore, the body image issues that a lot of women face don’t so much come from the desires of men, but from the desires of what women THINK men want.

Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/11/19/science/a-cold-war-fought-by-women.html?_r=1&

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As far as the article, Aren’t female’s just naturally prone to more agressive nature, BECAUSE of their desire to attract mates?

I mean Females are quicker to anger then men anyway, just look at all the road rage.

What is “Female Aggression”?


Y’know, all you had to do was ask a man this question…
begin well-mannered and respectful response**Women waste far too much energy trying to appeal to what they think we men want, rather than just asking us or observing what we respond to./end well-mannered and respectful response*

begin misogynistic and condescending response But, that would require using logic and reasoning, which we all know most women are incapable of…/end misogynistic and condescending response

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In what way? I mean, I cannot think of any reason one would not lead A to B. Obviously the social elite jealously guards her prize position, probably defends it regularly, and is simply used to whatever unseemly tactics she uses in social situations.

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I don’t find these to be particularly new ideas…? The bolded ones in particular. Not directed at you, this is just the start of a brief rant.

Some random person will stand up and talk about double standards and sexism and this and that, and people will do a lot of head-nodding, but… Most of the judgment and hate women get, certainly socially, comes from other women. Now, I’ve not lived under the Taliban or anything, so I can only speak from my own experiences and the people I’ve known. I would wager even in those cases women give each other shit, much more than people like to talk about.

The idea of a male/female dichotomy where all of the problems that women have are the fault of sexist men seems like an exaggeration or oversimplification, but I think a certain percentage of people completely buy into it. I assume that’s the case because, with the exception of some angry-ish Mens Rights types, I’ve rarely heard anyone push back against these ideas or even kick the tires to see how they hold up. The lack of responsibility (or even “agency” as the feminist types like to say) that is often expected of women when these issues come up is remarkable.


Funnily enough, I actually read this article the other day and it’s something I’ve been saying for ages. Most of the obsessions women have to maintain a standard of appearance isn’t really for guys. Guys still were on the prowl for women before the age of eyeliner, hair extensions, stilettos, nail polish, lipstick, designer clothes/accessories, and whatever bullshit a majority of women use to define their attractiveness/worth. Women are competitive amongst themselves and have their own social order that they subscribe to, which some then project onto society as a male-driven social pressure. If anything, [rich business]men are probably the only men profiting from this uphill battle women to be “perfect”.

This research pretty much runs in tandem with why women tend to gossip and why cliques of women will eventually synchronize menstruation cycles (back when we were hunter-gatherers this pretty much ensured that competing women within a group would all have access to reproductive rights). It also shows that no matter how complex our behaviors as homo sapiens might seem, our innocuous actions are largely predicated towards reproductive ends.

I’ve known this stuff for years. Mediums and uglies always bash women that get a lot of attention from men. They seem obsessed with weather hot celebs or even the popular girls may have got ‘work done’. Hey it’s nice to be a man, we are the prize bulls. People think men fight over women, but it is much more the other way around.

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