Felica C-c-c-c-combos

Ok, Felicia does NOT get the love she deserves in MvC 2, so I decided to make a combo thread. For starters:

1)c.Lk, c.Mk, … (This is what you’ll be using the most, as it’s her fastest poke string. Can be finished with many different options.)

EX)c.Lk, c.Mk, {s.Hp 2hits} xx Sand splash [Use move in brackets only if hit confirmed! Must also be close to opponent for 2 hits] (Used mostly when poke string is blocked.)

  1. J.lk, j.mk xx Delta Kick (Her main pressure for high mix-ups)

  2. c.lk, c.mk xx Rolling Buckler (may be used in lieu of SS combo)

Ok, enough of that simple stuff. You came for the REAL combos, huh? Of course you did! :smiley: Lucky for you, I have some real nice combos Felicia has at her disposal.

Hyper Combo set-ups:

  1. c.lk, c.mk, {s.Hp hit times 2} xx Hyper Sand Splash [s.hp is optional] (Her most basic combo into Hyper Combo. Can use Dancing Flash instead, but HSS will hit assists, and thus I use it to punish assists, as well as the point char)

  2. c.lk, c.mk, s. Hp OR s. back+Hk (hit times 2 for either) xx Please Help Me! (Her safest set-up into this sick Hyper Combo)(Another sweet bonus: on Sent, if in corner, you can use c. Hk JUST before Sent hits the ground and xx into PHM AGAIN for Massive damage!)(Also, if you remove the c.mk in corner, you can c.Hk xx PHM! against most normal size characters, and…it’s UNROLLABLE! How freakin’ sweet is that?)

3…and by FAR the most deadly) [IN CORNER ONLY!] c.lk, c.mk, c.hk xx Please Help Me!, pause, c.hk, PHM!, pause c.hk xx PHM! {WARNING: First sweep is ALWAYS rollable, so use with caution. Subsequent sweeps, if timed correctly are unrollable} This combo WILL kill any character in the game IF:

  1. You have 3 bars. (Duh)
  2. They don’t roll after the first sweep.
  3. You time the c.Hk xx PHM! correctly.
  4. It’s done in corner (as stated earlier).

Infinites, the aspect Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is notorious for. You either love 'em, or hate 'em. Well, guess what? You can love them! :smiley: Here are Felicia’s Infinite combos:

  1. Vs. Standing Sent: {j.lp, j.lk, j.mp, j. hp for about 40+ hits}, c.lk, c.mk, s.hp xx Please Help Me!, pause, c.hk xx PHM! (Repeat brackets, duh) (Be sure to end the brackets around 40 hits, so Sent does not spin out. Also, you MAY use c.hk in lieu of s.hp, but then the opponent can roll out. This infinite works from ANYWHERE on the screen and I have used it in real combat scenarios, making this combo one of the most practical infinites in the game! Only problem is that the timing is more exact when doing this at mid screen, but still possible AND practical)

  2. See Hyper Combo #3

I may add more to this list at a later time, but feel free to add whatever. :smiley:

If anyone wants to add their input, it’d be much obliged.

While not particularly a combo, I love that Felicia’s Sand Splash super erases Doom’s AA assist, and can punish him and most other assists on reaction. For this reason I have a blast pitting her against Strider. I usually play Iron Man behind her, so if the opponent’s point takes to the air and tries to retaliate, I can instant Proton Cannon, which will beat out or trade with AHVB and HSF, depending on your timing.
If Storm’s on the team, you can connect Please Help Me!! from any air combo ending in Lightning Storm if you pause briefly before you DHC.
Any basic ground combo into her grab super (qcf+pp) with chain BEAUTIFULLY into Anakaris’ Cobra Throw super or that curse super that’s normally so hard to connect (then you can do hit otg if they don’t roll it). My friends used to wonder what the hell I was doing when I’d play Felicia/IM/Anak, but with all the above and the fact that IM can do his infinite off Anak’s ground type assist, I have loads of fun with that oddball team.

Quite interesting. I’m experimenting with different teams, since my best character is Felicia, and trying to base my gameplay around her ability to rushdown. I’ll be sure to fiddle around with that team.

many felica players stick to ground combos but it you want to do some damage in an air combo: launcher ^ hk xx delta kick

Her air game is extremely weak. That air combo you mentioned does very little damage.You HAVE to stick to a ground game.Hypothetically, you can combo into her launcher, but it’s not practical. Her best air defense is using her Delta Kick, but you have to angle it correctly. It’s also a royal biatch to get a runaway Cable/Sent, so you need characters with good spacing.

the reason i listed the combo is not because i think people should use the air game as opposed to the ground game its because it makes her more versatile
a. most high tiers characters exploit the air game and rarely stay grounded
b. if you land an air hp or hk you will know what to do after that to add extra damage and keep pressure on
c. in situations were you dont have meter the above listed air combo will do more damage than her standard ground combos

fyi that aircombo does more damage than most standard air combos

Granted, it is her best air combo, but I’d rather DHC swap instead of chasing a runaway Cable or Storm or Sent with another character that has a good ranged game. Runaway God-tiers are sooooooooooooo ghey.