Feilong Chicken Wing [Capcom Unity]

I made a thread at Capcom Unity voicing our concern to not give us the old chicken wing. More hits on it will keep the thread alive and hopefully get our message across. Thanks for the support guys.


Now they know that we know! SHHHHHH!!! :wink:

Threw in my two cents. Hopefully someone realizes the logic over at Cap and takes a gander…

Lol, I don’t think this would’ve been kept a secret for very long; at least not through June. I think the sooner the devs know, the sooner they can get to work on a solution that’s not half-assed like nerfing CW again…

Some dude named onionslice (possible typo) posted a video of fei’s infinite over there and its got like over 100 comments… they already know :frowning:
Also dudley stupid trade dp, trade ultra, trade super is there… i already hate dudley!

“Honestly, they’ll probably leave it as-is. Fei Long sucks big time, and even with that infinite, I don’t see him beating Juri.”


Anyway, I personally think cap doesnt give a shit about us fei players. I can easily see them use the same ol patch on him again. Unless they actually knew that they where giving him the infinite back purposely… It’s not that easy to do…

considering they kept el furete’s infinite loop I really doubt they would remove fei’s infinite loop

This infinite could very well fuck Fei over like last time and those who care should take their time to get their voice heard and with a little luck and good fortune the Juri infinite might be removed without HK CW being nerfed. If enough people say that they want the infinite removed by either reducing hitstun on cl.hp or altering Juri’s hitbox then hopefully that’s what we get.

well all we could do now, is play hard… and work hard… thats what fei is all about… getting that work down… rush that shyyt down… i personally think that counter is incredibly good… as there is no damage scaling at all… good luck to you guys, but im happy with this old fei… i can actually go over fire balls again and hit them…XD
even tho the Champ update gave us more invincibility frames… im still good with this one…

Well in the long run when i look back, i can say i tried to tell capcom… lets hope they listen. Fei is solid.

hmm, how can you p-link lp and lk? I thought you can plink just from, eg HP~MP or MK~LK

You can p-link any two buttons (as far as i understand) for example:
HK CW or EX CW to cr.lk - st.lp - cr.lp - x3 rekka.
HK CW or EX CW to cr.lk ~ cr.lp - st.lp - cr.lp - x3 rekka (i p-linked lk~lp)

One of his main BnB’s:
cr.lk - cr.lk - st.lp - cr.lp - x3 rekka
In this my link use to drop after cr.lp, I would not get the rekka out [and man it was tough online]. So, what i do now is
cr.lk - cr.lk - st.lp - cr.lp ~ cr.mp - x3 rekka (i p-linked lp~mp)

i bolded the p-linked portion of the link
Heh, if i remember i blogged it the day i figured it out, check my blog it should give ya a better idea

ok ty. I used to do crLP rekka (using your same method in the 2nd example, thinking I wasn’t really plinking but actually doing crLP -> MP rekka) directly out of a chicken wing anyway, is the timing easier for going with crLK after it?

i didnt think that lp could b plinked, since its got the lowest priority for normals as far as inputs go

lp can’t be plinked. that lp~mp plink doesn’t work

Actually reading my comment i was wrong on the 2nd example. I was not p-linking rather adding an additional mp for missing my timing on that link. I could double tap lp and get it out. The 1st example is p-linking.
(thanks Bubblan, i didn’t know lp can’t be p-linked)

About your question:
-The timing is faster on EX CW and slower on HK CW.
-cr.lp rekka timing is definitely easier than cr.lk (thus the p-linking). The speed difference between HW CW and EX CW definitely messes with my head, since the timing changes and you really have to watch fei’s last leg hit on his CW

cr.lp - 1st rekka after CW is risky if you miss. On a block you are in your opponents face and lp rekka is umm -4 i believe. On the other hand, cr.lk - st.lp your actually on +2 if they block st.lp, so its much safer. Assuming you take 2 hits to hit confirm

Isn’t CW => HP a 1-frame link? With that level of difficulty, does this really need to be fixed? If they do fix, I hope they change Juri’s hitbox. I’ve always found it so fucking ridiculous that Fei’s cl.HP is unsafe ON HIT, even if we cancel out of it 99% of the time.

To be honest, I don’t think Capcom knows how to balance properly, nor do they really care to.