Fei Long's unblockable vs DHALSIM IBUKI haven't tried anyone else

Don’t expect too much from this it’s really limited in terms of dmg potential however is still an unblockable.

Against SIM > Backthrow > walk back around 2 pixels > j.lk OS ultra 1

Beaten by forward teleport.

If the opponent is standing max dmg is to connect c.lp xx c.hp, if opponent is crouching you can go straight into c.hp. At the moment haven’t tried to OS it with anything else.

Against IBUKI > Backthrow > walk back 1 pixel > s.lp > j.lk

Not beaten by anything (I know of) correct me if i’m wrong

But cant seem to link anything if it hits in front (which is crap lol) however if it crosses up you can go straight into c.hp same goes for if opponent is crouching.

Kinda crappy unblockable but still none the less enjoy!

Please try it out on other chars :wink:

Nice find,even if you cant combo its another option which adds to the wakeup mixup after backthrow.
I didnt test it on every character but i know he has a unblockable j.mp on ryu,ken akuma after back throw as well but it whiffs when crouching,the timing seems to be the same as the one in the vid.Its possible i believe to get an unblockable on every character after a knockdown that makes them fall on their back but needs different timing.

Yep theres one for Guile I found like that but yeah he can avoid it if he crouches

Lol you guys need to post those Shoto/Guile unblockables. God damn you for holding out on us!

In any case, this is a great find. You can probably OS HP/MP Rekkas instead of Ultra which is a million times less risky if he does forward teleport. The knockdown into the corner would also be preferred for pressure.

Question though… If Dhalsim slides and you OS Rekka or a cr.HP, does the slide win? I’m hoping the active frames on the slide wear out before or as soon as Fei lands. If it wins, this is probably not too useful unless you’re hoping for a big gamble or a tick-throw set-up.

just checked hp OS rekka works :slight_smile:

Haha i was going to eventually post it but the timing for it hard to describe and without video people would be sceptical.The timing for it looks to be the same as the one in the video.You need to walk back a bit(around 1 small square in the trainning room) and be jumping while ryu puts his hands on the ground.The mp needs to timed to hit around the back of ryus head.Even if you time the unblockable wrong it still becomes a crossup j.mp that cant be dped.

The Backthrow > walk back 1 pixel > s.lp > j.lk setup causes an interesting effect on cammy.She han to block it as a crossup,although it dosent look like one and you land in front of her.She cant cannon spike it either.

im sry… but if the cpu can block it, its not considered unblockable…
if anything it should be called ambiguous jump in…

what you say makes perfect sense however these sort of setups are called unblockables because you only have 1 frame to block, the method to blocking this is going from neutral state to blocking. Its very inconsistant and is almost impossible to practice blocking this that’s why it is phrased as unblockable.

god stuff man. find one for my new main gen, and i’ll paypal you a cookie

Guile version