Fei Long's Chicken Wing Loop in Corner

I bet this is already covered but I can’t find it. How do you escape this using Chun Li? I found that Jab breaks up the loop sometimes but it seem like it only connects sometimes. Any help?


For the most part You don’t escape it. You avoid getting in the corner as much as possible. And if you do you prevent him from starting the first chicken wing. Neutral jump Fierce, Standing RH is wonky but is semi-consistent at the right range. and if the Fei long is on autopilot, then an SBK can hit him out of it too and you get a free knock down. (well, I play ST and not HDR, so I don’t know if chun li’s weird arc would remove that last option for HDR. Try it.)

If he does start the loop, then mash throw and hope for the best really. Or if you’re really fancy and technically inclined, you can try and block high -> charge down Upkicks, but. It’s really high risk, and it fails even if you get the upkicks out. so for the most part, I’d rather just mash throw and hope for the best. and then if they’re execution isn’t 100% and get caught by it they might try a flame kick next time and give you a small opening.

You should also change the thread title. I came in here thinking I might find some tips execution fei long’s loop.
You’re lucky I’m messing around with fei and my main is chun li. You’re also lucky that I poked my head in the HDR forums (once every few months). It says you posted 20 days ago, so 2 weeks. Hopefully you’ll come back and check…

You might get more help if you made your thread title more clear.

I figured as much, it’s a matter of prevention…ugh. Well, thanks. Guess I’ll stick with Jab.

Yeah, I guess the title is confusing but dunno how to change it.

if jab breaks it up it’s an execution error on fei long’s part. Might as well mash throw and get more damage out of it and possibly a knockdown. Maybe even he’ll stop the loop and throw in a few random flame kicks giving you an opening. Mash throw.

Oh, I see. I guess that l will ditch the jab idea then and just go with grab attempts instead.

Thanks, man.