Fei Long Mixups and SF4

Some fun to be had with Fei Long.

For anyone who wants more, who’s on the road to Hitenryu.

This won’t be new to the classic Fei players here.


I. (Throw Mixup)

Back throw (B+LP+LK), Immediately walk towards and jump over opponent,
whiff c.lk, immediately neutral jump straight up, NJ.HK -> (Combo/Special/Ultra)

-  Wakeup setup to Ultra. The whiffed c.LK could easily be bait for a 
   DP, and most low - mid level players will throw despite having a DP option. 
   This is less effective on scrubs who SRKreflex whenever you're near them
   ever, and smarter players -- unless you are good at pressuring, and know 
   when to pull it out.

II. (Block String Mix up) (Opponent must be conditioned to the first line)

                  --> c.LK x4
                  --> c.LK x2 --> Wait for response (block)
                  --> Tenshin
                  --> c.LK x2 --> EX Tenshin
  - Basic blockstring is the first line, then c.HP, then FP Rekka poking.
    The thing with Fei is that in a blockstring he can just keep hitting you,
    even at midscreen.  People get stuffed by the c.HP or FP Rekka all the
    time. After c.LK x2, wait for a DP, punish it immediately, needed for 

III. (Block String Mix up) (Opponent must be conditioned to the first line)
DEEP j.MP --> s.MP,

                                --> c.LP --> Rekka x3 (Poke with LP Rekka x1 on block)
                                --> Focus Attack L1
                                --> EX Tenshin
                                --> Focus Attack --> Dash Cancel --> EX Tenshin or FK
                                --> FADC --> Tenshin

   -  s.MP has great blockstun/frame advantage, and distancing on block.
      Line 2 is using the distancing and apparent vulnerability of s.mp on block
      to bait for FA. Line 3 is Fei 'a la Gief' tick throw horror. Line 4 is a regular 
      non crumple focus attack, that combos on hit.  Line 5 is setup by Line 4, a 
      perfect FADC after a s.MP is really.. really fast. Line 5 gives the impression 
      that you're setting up one mixup when it's another.

IV. (Blocked) HK Rekkukyaku(*Chickenwing/CW),

                                 --> Shienkyaku(*Flamekick/FK/Spicywing?) --> FADC --> XX
                                 --> Back Throw 
                                 --> Do nothing
                                 --> LK CW again

  - Basic CW mixup. Most people just don't understand CW and try something.
    Tenshin can also be used in CW mixups if you're heavy on flamekick
    use after. XX means any mixup used for FADC after a DP variant (FK here).

Flash and Damage**

I. EX/HK CW, s.FP, EX Flamekick

  • Massive, massive damage. His CW - s. FP link is the first thing I practiced.
    Balrogs just out and out start turtling, if you can CW dash punches on reaction

II. j. HK, s.FP, EX Flamekick

- Anything ending in EX Flamekick is pain.

III. j. MP,
(Stuntman Variation, low damage, high style points)
–> MK Flamekick --> FADC, Dash again, EX/HK Flamekick (other side of

         --> S.FP, Mk Flamekick, FADC >
                                                        > Pause --> Ultra (3 hits, all characters)
                                                        > HK CW
                                                        > EX/HK Flamekick
                                                        > HK CW --> Ultra


                --> Uncharged Focus Attack, Dash, EX Tenshin, s.FP, MK Flamekick
                --> FADC, Tenshin, s.FP, MK Flamekick, FADC >
                                                                                       > HK CW
                                                                                       > Ultra
                                                                                       > HK CW, Ultra
                                                                                       > EX/HK Flamekick

- I don’t just want to win. I want my opponent to watch the replay cause getting beat never looked so good.

This is very nice. I’m honestly new to fei’s mix up, never learned it in ST, since nobody seemed to post any information about him, let alone share what they knew, nor could I really pinpoint situations like this that I could take advantage of. This will certainly be a boon to the newer/uninformed bunch. Thanks a bunch dood. :slight_smile: