Fei Long does his SF4 ultra in SFA3 - Other pre-SF4 move incarnations!?

just thought this was mildly interesting. [media=youtube]3sznEHtCwDI#t=84s"[/media]

anyone know if any other SF4 moves show up in earlier games?

Plenty, Ryu’s Metsu used to be an Akuma move. Ken has always had Shinryuken, although it wasn’t the full version. Vega has always had Maximum Spider … And Akuma has always had demon.

That’s all that comes to mind. Yes I know these are blatantly obvious but you’re seriously giving us little to work with here.

Edit: Apparently I was wrong about Ryu, to the point I got negged for it :rofl:

Yes, we all notice this.

Do you guys think Booker T likes Balrog?

Bison’s back throw is from one of the SFEX games.

pretty much everything?

This is interresting. Actuallu, what we sometimes think as brand new is not that new.

ryu’s c.hp was in street fighter 2 i think

It’s actually from SF2: The Animated Movie where he kicks Ryu & Ken’s arse.

Funny, but actually not quite this version :wink:

cross up, LPx3 or x4, LK, QCBx2+P. if you where lucky youd get the full super. though usually hed only do the 3 hit version. no need to cross up though, but do a LP less to maximize full super iirc.

Zangief’s Ultimate Atomic Buster is from the EX series.

what? i only know it from EX, and then CVS 1,2 series :xeye:

shoryureppa has always been ken’s super, rog’s super looks the same as sf2, same with fei’s super, dan’s, in fact I think 90% of the supers are the same, its the ultras that are mostly new.

flowchart ken in alpha 3

I didn’t even know Fei Long was in Alpha 3. I was too busy playing Guy and not the home versions.

fake. mods get on this.

id neg rep for your tomfoolery. stop modding alpha 3 with your macintosh computer.

srsly, this has to be fake.

The video was put up 2 years ago, you imbecile.

Chun’s last portion of Hosenka was in a Street Fighter movie against Vega. I just forgot where.

C. Viper = Captain Commando

I think Abel was playing Marvel Super Heroes arcade with Captain America before entering the SF4 arena.

Abel’s Ultra

Cap’s Final Justice

i like how you linked us to Abel’s ultra as if we’ve never seen it.

With all the 09 thread stupidity going around. You would never know…