Feeeeeeel the Power: The Evil Cole Thread

I felt Evil Cole wasn’t represented enough here, so, hey look, here’s a thread! Format is semi-stolen from LSlick’s Good Cole thread. Thanks, man!

Meter Levels:
Lvl 1: 125
Lvl 2: 200 (325)
Lvl 3: 425 (750)

Ap Lost when grabbed:

***Mobility Options: ***
Wall Cling: Hold jump toward the wall
From this position you can fire aimable lightning bolts, but nothing else

Hover: While descending, hold jump button
You hover…

Square or “1” Movelist:
*Amp Swing: 1-1-1 *
Causes wallbounce on aerial opponents, knockdown on grounded opponents (5,10,40 Ap)

*Grind: s1 *
Has three different follow ups

Gigawatt Blade Combo: s1~1 (5, 25 Ap)
Launches your opponent in the air

Leaping Shoulder Tackle: s1~2 (30 Ap)
Launches you and your opponent, wallbounce

Stop: s1~3 (No Ap Gain)

Amp Explosion: u1
General anti-air (20 Ap)

Thunder Drop: d1
Sits your opponent down (20 Ap)
Can combo into Level 1, corner only

Air Amp Swing: j1-1
2nd hit spikes opponent(5, 25 Ap)

Lighting Tether: j.s1
Stuns the opponent if caught and it also takes you to the wall (5 Ap)
You also have the option to wall cling by holding the jump button and towards the wall

Air Amp Explosion: j.u1
Juggles the opponent (20 Ap)

Air Thunder Drop: j.d1
When done from a low height, sits your opponent down (20 Ap)
When done from a high height, hits both sides, juggles opponent (10, 20 Ap; 10 Ap if only the shockwave hits) From a high height, this move has no solo followups

Triangle or “2” Movelist:
Lighting Bolts: 2 (holdable)
Shoots projectiles in quick succession at the opponent. It doesn’t stop your opponent from advancing. Bolts can be aimed and stack on your opponent up to 5 times.
Continuous hits will cause stun on the fifth hit though it has to be used rather quickly (5 Ap per hit)

Double Grenade: s2
Shoots a grenade at the opponent in an arc direction, a second grenade explodes above the first. Great for controlling space, can be followed up with lightning tether (10, 20 Ap)

Tripwire Rockets: u2
Shoots a projectile (more like two projectiles with a rope in between) straight upwards, covering a large area (20, 40 Ap)

Nightmare Blast: d2
Evil Cole shoots a mid-sized wave of energy in front of him, longish startup
Causes wallbounce (30 Ap)

Air Lightning Bolts: j.2
Same as the lightning bolts only in the air (5 Ap)

Air Double Grenade: j.s2
Same as double grenade only in the air (10, 20 Ap)

Air Tripwire Rockets: j.u2
Same as tripwire rockets only in the air (20, 40 Ap)

Air Nightmare Blast: j.d2
Same as nightmare blast only in the air, flies at a down-forward angle (30 Ap)

Circle or “3” Movelist:
Giga Punch AKA “Falcon Punch”: 3
Full Charge, armored and causes crumple on grounded opponent; Partial Charge, causes crumple or sitting state on grounded opponent, depending on time charging (20 Ap for full, 20 Ap for partial, 10 Ap for no charge)
Fully charged can combo into Level 1 or 2

Firebird Strike: s3
Evil Cole flings himself forward like an idiot/badass (30 Ap)

Hellfire Rockets: u3
Evil Cole makes three small explosions above his head (5, 10, 20 Ap)

Oil Spike: d3
Evil Cole creates a pool of oil below him that traps any opponent who stands on it
Stuns, can combo into Level 1 (10 Ap)

Air Giga Punch: j3
Same as Giga Punch but in the air (20 Ap)
If hitting a grounded opponent, can combo into Level 1

Air Firebird Strike: j.s3
Same as Firebird Strike but in the air (30 Ap)

Air Hellfire Rockets: j.u3
Same as Hellfire Rockets but in the air (5, 10, 20 Ap)

Air Oil Spike: j.d3
Same as Oil Spike but in the air (10 Ap)
Can combo into Level 1

Choke Slam: d grab, can be followed up by 1-1-1
Body Toss: s grab
Amp Launch: u grab, can be followed up by quite a few things

Lvl 1: Human Bullet: Identical to Good Cole’s level 1, creates a small wave around his body that grabs one character and flings them towards a wall, aimable left or right, holdable.
*Lvl 2: Ionic Drain: *Creates a large field of energy around his body that stuns and kills any opponents caught in it.
Lvl 3: The Beast Awakens!: Cole transforms, 1 to shoot a horizontal blast, 2 to shoot a beam below you (if in the air) or above you (if grounded), 3 to pull other characters towards you. All attacks have slow-ish startup and stop your momentum, though otherwise you have a very quick movement speed in this mode.

Reserved for whatever.

Reserved for more whatever.

I love evil cole. He has so many good things going for him. I feel like he’s the “Zero” of the game. Always keep that Circle charged :wink:

this guy is lowkey best character in the game no one knows it yet though

Yeah, I think Good Cole might have a few more tools, but absolutely no one should underestimate a high-range, nearly no startup, armored, easily charged punch into level 1 or a solid 130 meter build. In addition, I love that if someone interrupts his charge, he keeps however long he’s charged, instead of it being reset.

So, I’m thinkin’, so we don’t just keep this a lovefest for a badass character (which it totally could be), what do people think about his supers?

Personally, level 1 is awesome, it’s normally what I go for, but his level 2 catches a lot of rolls and airdodges, and doesn’t take much meter at all to build. Level 3 to me is worthless, good dodgers can get out of it easily. I think it would be a way better move if Evil Cole kept his momentum during his moves on level 3, but right now it’s zoom over, do a thing they dodge, take 5 hours to build up speed again.

On the plus side, Evil Cole’s got that hilarious derp moment on the level 3. His lips wiggle…

dI hate the stun on the 5th hit of his n2 (bolts), it doesnt really do anything except jail both players for a moment. the shock does have an aoe effect that launches opponents near the blast. good cole builds extra AP off of it. shame it isnt the same here, or some sort of AP drain.

Im liking this char though, he has trouble fighting people on the same plane as him,gotta smack em away with the amp or else, so hes gotta be above or below somehow. hes got some of the best throws too, imo

Level 3 is ass, even with the Gravity field. its too simple to dodge. lvl2 is the juice though.

With or without falcon punch? Because with the paunch, people on my level are where I want them (except Raiden, who trades favorably with his counter against giga punch’s armor)

And yeah, agreed on the other points 100%

Evil Cole has a faster grind compared to good Cole I believe. I was trying it out and it seemed faster D:

Hi guys, I made a Evil Cole Tutorial. I may want to slap it onto the beginning of the thread, but first I want to submit it for perusal by the rest of the gang. I didn’t talk much about lightning tether against ground opponents, but a lot of other Evil Cole basics are in there.


So yeah, tell me what you all think, as well as post some other fun videos of Evil Cole, so I can put them up here.

Definitely liking the tutorial you made for evil Cole. I am going to try to incorporate some of it into good Cole’s game as well since they have similar moves. Now I want to check out this character :D…Good job :smiley:

without it,mainly, of course you should always have the charge for it, but it wont always be there for you. d+2 (Shockwave) could help with on-plane fighting too, but its too slow. :confused: Firebird strike is good, but asking for trouble on block.

I like to call it the Sucker Punch, but thats just me. :stuck_out_tongue:

grounded Thunder drop has a better range than I thought.