Feedback on my match

any comments, constructive criticisms?

-try to DP jump-ins everytime. it’s free damage, and by trying to just defend when people jump in, you’re giving them the initiative of getting in.

-don’t poke with spiral arrows when using cammy. good players will either DP them on reaction or jump up and come down on you with a fat combo.

-do your biggest combos when the openings happen. for example, when sagat missed a dp against your geese, you do some standing short into nothing. you could’ve done close standing fierce into janken instead for the knockdown and good damage.

-otherwise, pretty solid.


acutally i was going for my biggest combo :sad: . its a bad habit of mine. cl.:lk: > s.:hp: xx jaeiken. but really in a situation like that, i shouldnt have gone for the cl.:lk:, it just complicates shit. thanks for the feedback

edit: ppb are you really writing a book?

The 2 biggest things i saw were that you didn’t use your meter well enough and missed damage or knockdown opportunities.

Don’t always try to burn your super too early when you’re in k-groove. work their guard a bit to force them into making mistakes, don’t get in the mentality that you HAVE to super.

Yeah i noticed you missed the geese combo also. Sometimes in tourney situations you miss things you normally do every other day, my advice is to just go for a knock down, and set up your offense from there.

Other than that, not bad, just use your K-groove meter for more than supers. Remember, you get that insane damage boost.

Me being a fellow K groove player, I have to say that you dont have to JD everything, You should AA when you can, especially vs grooves that have no defense against it (A, S and N) A groove can activate through but that doesn’t mean you should stop Anti Airing all together. There was one time where Bison jumped in at you when raged and you just did a s.fierce. When I saw you didn’t super I seriously yelled out “NOOOO”. Super that ish, you would’ve had lots of momentum if you hit that.

thats another one of my bad habits. i swear i dont have the balls to high tiger super a meaty jumpin. im always scared to miss. but im working on it… at least a fierce came out right? heh heh… my reactions are pretty slow, so sometimes i cant DP jumpins fast enough. i gotta work on that.

Never be afraid to miss. Just hit that shit. If you gave up sex after missing once, you would be GAY!!! HIT THAT SHIT!!!

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You should seriously take some time in training mode to figure out things to do against Bison. You died four times that round. It wasn’t even close. Imagine if that guy actually pulled off a CC during that entire match. It looked like you were waiting for him to CC randomly from midscreen or something. All that waiting and doing nothing got your guard bar flashing. If you get to a point where it seems like a good idea to try randomly uppercutting A-Bison limbs when he has FULL METER, your gameplan needs some serious changes.

Also, at the end of the Cammy vs Sakura round when you knocked her down, you should have just killed her. What’s the worst that could happen? She could waste her whole meter to finish off 10% R1 character? You would have had a better chance of winning if that had happened. Don’t give up initiative/momentum in that situation. If you hadn’t gotten lucky with that Cannon Drill, Sakura would have eaten up 40% of Sagat’s life for free.

You might also wanna spend some time in training mode practicing the JD timing for Sagat’s low forward xx fireball. That’s basically a free combo if you get it.

Hope that gives you some ideas.

my thing against bison is im scared shitless against random RC crushers/knees. makes me afraid to attack. i guess i should try to forget about that and pressure more? i play too scared. or possibly leave gaps in my attack string for them to get blocked? im not really quite sure what to do against that.

again, me playing scared of RCs. i figured stand right next to her, a RC hurricane would finish the round for me. the whole canon drill thing wasnt completly luck though. :xeye: when he missed his crossup i saw he was in s.:hk: range. then he tapped me with c.:lp: and i figured that another attack would come soon after that due to the +frames on it. i like to think of it as semi calculated random super. but what do i do about RC and RC wakeups? i dont think you can throw a RC sakura hurricane. i’ve whiffed throws through it before. it all makes me scared.

i have. and i can do certain sagat combos fine in training, its just im not at the point yet to feel good enough about my execution to land it in a real match yet. im still working on it.
thanks for the comments maj. :tup:

I think Maj was talking about JD’ing common Sagat poke strings, not actually doing them yourself.

AA more, keep on applying pressure… once A-groove players get meter, you have to be careful. Until then, make them work for their meter and rush them down. RC setups make me think sometimes, but after awhile you see it coming. Being scared of it will screw up your game. It’s something to watch for, but it isn’t significant enough to make you change your play style completely. Another thing that has made me a better player is just taking free damage. If they whiff something I can punish and I am unsure about my execution in the slightest, I will just hit them with something guaranteed. Either you hit them with a short and miss out on all that damage, or you take a guaranteed fierce into whatever. Just take the free damage.

Don’t be afraid of RC anything. Only think twice when they have meter. Ducky is right, rush them the fuck down until they get meter. Most times an A-Sak player will get down to a tenth of their life before they get active if you keep up pressure. At that point, even if they sho sho your ass, they’re still nearly dead, and you get raged. Most players end up playing in patterns, like a certain amount of time in between their scissor kicks and what not. JD everything you can on the ground, anti-air everything if they can’t activate, and make sure to punish when possible. A will always be hard for K, but it’s definetely not impossible.

c.lp, s.fp xx Jaieken is way easier. Also, after a blocked Deadly rave, your at +13, and in perfect position for a cross-up. does 200 more damage and is a 3 frame link to s.fierce compared to c.jab’s 4 frame link.

lol, no, it’s just a joke.

Vs Bison, when he has meter never jump, that equals a CC in so many different ways.Just walk forward block, rinse repeat till you get into range for a poke.Hopefully he gets intimidated and jumps then you capitalize.Your biggest skill vs bison is blocking and patience…learn those and you shall ovecome

Don’t mash so much when you are defending. Someone who specializes in counter hits and baiting whiffs will destroy you. Stop doing random supers when you get meter… especially ones that aren’t safe. You’re gonna get baited then it’s free:sad:

Also you mentioned that you are scared of rc psychos and rc scissors? Just block that and it’s free. If he just randomly does that then capitalize on that and punish him. He will think twice about doing random rc’s out of no where. His constant spamming of psycho crushers was a bad move.

Andry…NO!!! Walk forward and parry/JD…WTF??? Have you really given up the pizzle???

w00t i am now one of the top 10 players in america. lol. fuck cvs2 general discussion. im too good for you all.

everyone should learn how to play like me. if bison has meter, JUMP AT HIM. TRUST ME I KNOW. top ten in america. hahaha

edit: fuck. looks like im no longer top ten :sad:

A few weeks late I stumble across this thread.
Fun vid.
It seemed like you were a bit tense. I get the impression you might have caught a lot of mistakes if you just laid off the pokes a bit and reacted to his frequent jumpins and rolls. It’s beensaid allready but yeah, don’t throw away the rage bar. One of the great things about K is that when you screw something up you get compensated with meter. People KNOW you’re gonna try and land super. So they’ll runaway or turtle up or a combination of the two. Even when they do attack it’s most likely at little risk to themselves. So instead of try to randomly punish their unlikely mistake, you should have to make them work those blocking skills and keep the pressure going. If that doesn’t result in a combo to super do something crazy (or nothing) to get a reaction and randomly burn your meter on a SAFE lvl3 (deadly rave is the shizzle).

No comment on JD’s, I know nothing of them.

Cammy, would have been useful if you did it more often vs Sakura. I missed the divekick. That things good.