[Feb 25, 2012] Madwaks Crack Shack vol.2! SF4:AE/UMVC3/KOF/3S. Venue... (Mequon, Wisconsin)

Canceled. sorry! enjoy this instead

I will enter all the tournaments except for 3s, assuming I can find a ride there. The bus would take 2 hours to get there, so I’m definitely going to need to find some other way there.

I’m all for coming to this and providing setups etc. however, she works the weekend of the 4th. Could you maybe shorten the registration time and start AE earlier? Four hours just for signups seems to be a lot. Also, I can bring my GameCapture HD to record finals,mm’s etc.

i’ll also bring an ASUS monitor, a 360, and a copy of AE, KoF, MvC, and 3s.

I’ll enter everything but I need to confirm the date in order to request the time off. Also, if anyone willing to put in for ingredients I’ll add to the food with some lumpia.

I can bring a setup as well, let’s get it huge!

Yeah I could start AE earlier. I just want to give people as much time as possible to get here. Id rather do this on the 11th though anyway. what do you guys think?

There’s a tournament in Chicago on the 11th, so that might hurt attendance.

ah I see. theres another chicago on the 4th too that I just saw :confused: I cant do the weekend of the 18th either really so the only options are Jan 28th or feb 25th. January seems kinda too early so I might just go ahead and make it feb. 25th

Might be best depending on when the February Romine’s tourney is.

Feb 18 for Romine’s

February 24th is my burfday

Guns bitches and crack?

This is the most badass tournament name ever.

A bit hard to plan on/confirm going if you have four different dates up in the air. Imo just try to pick the best date possible from your options and stick with it. Nothing is going to be perfect for everyone.

I’ll definitely be here, looking forward to it.

Alright the date is most likely gonna be Feb. 25th

“Most likely” doesn’t sound too good to me.

alright the date is officially changed to feb. 25th

i live in wisconsin and have been trying to go to tourneys but i didnt make the salty sunday by choice. let me know the date and the hours of registration and lets make this my first tourney of the new year.