[Feb 18, 2012] StrikeFirst Colorado Presents - Battlegrounds 2.0 with pot bonuses! (Littleton, CO)

It’s that time again. New year new tournaments new blood spilled. The battlelines have been set between Denver and Colorado Springs. Are the springs really ready to step up or is it just empty chest thumping? Black Knight has graciously allowed us to use their facility to host this tournament. Let’s treat this place like our own and bring some hype and excitement to the store. The venue is spacious but you may need to bring your own chair(just a warning) there is plenty of standing space. As always bring your own controller/stick. PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEASE shower before showing up i would really hate to put you on blast. Sign up so we can get a head count. there are plenty of shops and a liqour store nearby so come out eat drink play drink and play some more

Due the unfortunate need to change the date at the last minute, Strikefirst will be providing pizza for the attendees thanks for being understanding.

Games Played
UMvC3 - 100$ pot bonus!
KoFXIII - 50$ pot bonus!
AE2012 - 50$ pot bonus!

February 18th
Black Knight Games
10171B West Bowles Ave.
Littleton CO
venue-10 dollars
games-10 dollars per game
Doors open at 10
Casuals at 11
tournament starts at 12

Due to an unfortunate event of double booking of the venue we were forced to reschedue, however, we have added pot bonuses to compensate for the inconvienence that this has caused our players, also since the date change will cause the tournament to be after SC5’s release date, it has been added to the roster.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions and Game on!

hey im new to colorado… im from utah… used to play with iperu (elf) and gustavo (abel)… just wonder what the main page for denver ranbats and casuals were… and also is the tourney on xbox or ps3? thanks

I believe this is xbox only.

The tournament will be xbox and we do gatherings at the same location every 1st and 3rd saturday of the month for a free ticket to evo.

here is a link to the gatherings http://www.extrafresh.net/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=1585&page=13#Item_5