[Feb 16, 2013] (SG, UMVC3, ?) North Jersey Rejects Tournament Series (Kearny, NJ)

North Jersey Rejects!
Cause Your Favorite Game Deserves To Be Played Too GODDAMMIT!


Welcome, everyone, to the North Jersey Rejects tournament series, a place where you can play games other than AE and Marvel! …. And also AE and Marvel sometimes… We are a new tournament venue in Kearny, NJ with a dedication to low venue fees, lots of space, cheap snacks, and providing a place to play in tournaments for games that other NJ venues won’t run.

We are still new and are mostly relying on the kindness, generosity, and enthusiasm for the scene to get us going. We hope you will come out and support your local community.


Gamer’s Edge

498 Kearny Ave, Kearny NJ

Venue has cheap snacks, drinks, and microwavable food. It’s also within walking distance of pizza, Chinese, convenience stores, and a Brazilian hamburger joint that will literally put eggs, ham, corn, potato sticks, and a whole friggin steak on a bun! (Seriously go to this place at least once. It’s meat heaven.)


February 16th

Tournament sign-ups and casuals start at 5PM

Tournaments start at 6PM



Tournament Fee: $7 per tournament(Goes directly to the prize pot)

Anyone who brings a full setup (TV, console, game that we are running a tournament for) will get free venue fee!

Prize pool for all tournaments will be split 70%(1st), 20%(2nd), 10%(3rd)


Game#1 Skullgirls

“Respect The Indie Scene!”

Tournament will be double elimination will be run using tournament mode settings. All team sizes and compositions will be allowed. Matches will be best 3 of 5 with losers finals, winners finals, and grand finals being 4 of 7.

Game#2 Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3

“Not a Reject…. But We Want People to Come”

Tournament will be double elimination and will be run using default settings. Matches will be best 3 of 5 with losers finals, winners finals, and grand finals being 4 of 7.

Game#3 ???

We will run any game that brings at least eight people


We are planning a lot of cool things if we can get the venue off the ground. Summertime barbeque tournaments. One dollar mystery game tournaments. Hot sauce money matches. Training sessions and after-parties for majors. And more!

And of course, we are always looking for people to help us stream and get the word out!


Come down to North Jersey Rejects and support your local community!

Facebook Link http://www.facebook.com/events/403590659735175/?fref=ts

My apologies for the triple post. There was an error in the original posting, and the second posting was deleted before I could fix it. At this point, can the moderators please clean up the first two posts and just let this be the official tournament post?

I will try and spread the word, along with get a flier made for this.

Definitely will be making it out to this event…Got to support the SG scene

Unfortunately, I’m 1) NorCal, and 2) unlikely to be competitive-ready by the 16th. But I wish you the best!

Out of respect for Team Stickbug, we will not be running P4A, as they will be running it at the same time. The eight people rule still applies. If eight people want to come by and play P4A we will run a tournament. However, we are trying not to directly compete with Stickbug, especially because they have been really supportive of us opening this venue.

I say we throw Melee and / or Brawl into this.

NJ is Smash central, and I say why not?

Theeeeres a thought. … does anyone have smash setups? I sure don’t.

This is gonna be streamed eventually, right?
Get hype, btw. I’ll be there.

Post it up on Smashboards and ask around :3?

Alright, spread the word to smashboards but haven’t heard word back.

SG PLAYERS! Seriously! Support your community. We only get to keep running if we show up so show up!

Hate to pimp the tournament again, but this just happened at the venue.


I’ll try to make it for Marvel. If I do go, I can bring a setup – PS3, ASUS Monitor, Chairs, & a Table (if necessary).

– orso

chairs and table will be unnecessary (well we may be able to use the chairs just for hanging space) but yah, any setups you can bring would be awesome

I really wanna come (even if I am pretty shitty) But I was wondering what time you think the tournament will run til? Public transportation puts an unfortunate time limit on my tournament goings.

I’ll definitely be there now… Looking forward to it.