Feb 14, 2011 Midnight MVC2 + 3 Tournment Danbury, CT PNT

That’s right kiddies. Danbury PNT is proud to present the 1st MVC3 tourney on the East Coast. Tell your brothers, tell your sisters, tell your grandmothers with that suspiscious looking curly moustache. :wgrin: MVC3 is here, lets do this right. All are invited as this would be a good warm up to Winter Brawl, ECT and even EVO 2011. Here is the info:

JUST ADDED: Simultaneous MVC2 one last HOORAH tournament.
Entry: $10
System: DreamCast

When: Monday February 14th @ 9:30pm (meet and greet and casuals)
Tourney starts at or around 12am.

Where: Play and Trade
1 Pandaram Ave, Danbury, CT

Venue Fee: $5
Entry fee: $10

All games are best 2 out of 3. Winners, losers and grand finals are 3 out of 5.
This tourney may be streamed, we have to look into this.

Bring your own stick/pad.
All games will be played on 360.

Prize break down is a follows
1st 70%
2nd 20%
3rd 10%

Lets get a pre reg going. This way we can get an idea of how many people would be coming
If you have any other questions or ideas, please feel free to leave a comment to me here or on XBL.
Leave your name to be put on the list. :woot:

  1. Mayor McJustin
  2. Dru
  3. Ride the Walrus
  4. Citiofbrass (possible)
  5. DSP
  6. D Hew
  7. John Rambo
  8. HatPerson
  9. g0dhand (possible)


  1. Mayor McJustin
  2. g0dhand (possible)
  3. Ride the Walrus

Wow, A whole day up and nobody wants to sign up? :frowning: I am disappoint

If I can get the day off I’ll definitely be there all day hanging out with Kyle waiting for it to show up haha Just like SSF4

Interesting. I respect this! If they don’t have something like this in ny I’m comin to danbury

@citi I respect that you would come up from NY for this. If you do come up for this, tell as many as possible. NY, MA, RI, NJ and anywhere else is more than welcome to come for this.

Excited for this.

C Viper, Dante, Magneto. Lets go.

Damn right you’re excited lol

Anyone who wants a copy of MAHVEL at midnight for the tourney hit me up here by PM or if you have my number text me or hit up Kyle (foxfire720) so that they can have enough for everyone…DO IT NOW!!! lol

Can you put me down as possible as well? Like I said, I’ll try to see if I can get the following day to work from home so that I can come through to this.

But I’ll let you know the day before definite as to whether or not I can show. I’ll be down for MvC3.

Also, if I can, should I bring a set-up? I would assume the more the merrier?

if you want to it would be good. Im bringing my 360 and DC for some epic goodness

Sign me up for MvC2 as well Justin!!

I have class the next day at 8am and am from East Haven. Was going to go…but it would not be intelligent early on in the semester to miss class. Sorry.

sign me up as a possible I need to find a ride for that day if I do end up going expect to see some MIKE MOTHER FUCKING HAGGER! and ARTHUR! gameplay

Virus, if you need a ride, ill hit you up

dude I wouldn’t mind getting a ride but isn’t Ansonia far from stamford i don’t want to make someone come get me if they live far from me

I’m in for MvC3!

Are you shitting me? I skipped so many classes when I was in college…ESPECIALLY early on in the semester! There will only ever be one MvC3 launch party…

…and I’m getting fucking hyped for it!

lol dude i got class at 8am as well and i’m still going i think i’ll just take that day off though since i want to enjoy the first day of MvC3

Is it still possible to get a “pre order” copy of the CE? I have a friend that waited last minute and hasn’t been able to find a place (i.e. BB, GS, etc.) that will let him pre order it. If so we’ll probably come down and maybe come with a few other heads just to chill out (and play some MvC2 of course).

@def pd i think capcom stopped taking preorders a few weeks ago. The only thing I can say is come by and see if they have any extra.

Its almost time BITCHES!!! lol