[Feb 1, 2014] Bruiser Brawl Tournament: DOA5 Ultimate Singles Double Elimination (Vacaville, CA)


Fireball Motion Entertainment LLC. presents DOA5:Ultimate minor singles double elimination tournament!

Doors open at 12PM for on site registration, and bracket play begins at 1PM (depending on pool size).
Venue Fee: $15
Game Fee: $10


Pot Split: 1st 70/2nd 20/3rd 10

Tournament Rules:

    Prior to match start players are entitled to a button check.
    Pressing the XBOX 360 guide button, or start button during match start is an automatic DQ of one round. This rule will be enforced at the discretion of the players opponent.
    Tournament play will take place on an XBOX 360 console.
    Double Elimination tournament format.
    2/3 Rounds
    2/3 Matches
    3/5 Match Set wins Grand Final Round (Loser Bracket Winner must win 3/5 Matches to send Winner of Grand Final into Losers Bracket thus resetting the bracket, and becoming a Losers Grand Final)
    In the event of a Losers Grand Final (Grand Final Winner losing 3/5 matches to Losers Bracket winner) a set of 3/6 matches is required to win the tournament.

Where do you think you're going? Stick around for post tournament fun, and sharpen up your skills on singles, and tag team casuals!

DOA TAG Tournament (Loahn Grains House Rules):

    3/5 Rounds
    2/3 Matches
    Single Elimination (No Losers Bracket)

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/346709192135416/

For those that do come to the tourney, we will be playing on special monitors sizes not the typical small stander size that is 22’’ or 23’’ it will be a surprise. I look forward to seeing some good DOA players to show up. special note the refresh rate is 2 and 5 so no lag play.

other side note it says brackets begin at 1pm but then again it all depends on how fast players show up so there will be plenty of warm up and casual plays.

SPECTATING IS FREE so bring a friend

do to some delays if anybody reads this post, this venue has being canceled in till other further notice we at fireball motion entertainment, well comeback with an even better and more planned venue I am sorry for this fluke of event and for the would be potential players that had interest in this venue again thank you .