Features you do NOT want to see in modern fighting games

  • DLC that affects competitive gameplay
    I’m all for stuff like DLC music, costumes and stages etc but fuck DLC that has the potential to give one player an advantage over another. I’m not entirely pleased about DLC characters, but I don’t see much harm in giving the community access to more characters if they strongly desire them. I’m also going to throw in costumes that make it hard to see WTF is going on (eg. SFIV Blanka costume 3), and costumes that actually prevent certain combos from happening (eg. SFIV Cody costume whatever).

  • Gameplay differences between ports
    There’s no reason for there to be gameplay differences between the arcade and console ports. This includes stuff like input lag. If it lags 4f in the arcade version, it should lag by the same amount on every port. If a certain input and timing is required on the arcade version, it should be same on the consoles. If a move has certain properties in the arcade version, it should be the same on the ports. Unless of course it’s a different version of the game.

  • Frequent balance patches
    Let the games breathe. Give players time to fully explore the game before deciding that patches are necessary. I reckon 1 year before a balance patch at least. Unless there’s something that’s truly broken, but stuff like that should have been caught during development!

  • “New” editions with features/characters that could have been added through DLC
    I don’t want to have to buy the same version of a game just because you added two characters, a new title screen and a gallery mode

  • Retarded comeback mechanics
    This is a bit of a tricky thing because comeback systems are not inherently bad. But FFS, if I’m beating my opponent don’t put automatically put me at a disadvantage! Don’t give them access to moves/strategies that shut down all my options just because they are losing. Don’t make it possible for them to comeback easily if I make only one small mistake, especially if I earned my lead by punishing 3 of their’s.

  • Input systems that get in the way of the player
    I’m all for simplying certain things that people are going to learn how to do anyway. But I draw the line when inputs are simplified to the point where they start hampering gameplay. In SSFIV Fei Long can do a DP by doing f, b, f + k. Seriously? WTF Capcom. Why should I have to be so precise with how I am holding my stick during a x-up because the directional switch can cause a DP if I attempt to do a cr.lk when landing? Also, there’s no reason for things to be made harder than they need to be. Yeah some inputs should be hard, but stuff like pretzel motions are dumb and gimmicky IMO. Also, if you give players a “simple mode” of operation, don’t give them access to moves/combos/strats that aren’t available to others. Oh and no game should ever include stuff like STs random input windows, or 3Ss random charge partition windows. If I input a sequence with a certain timing it should work (or fail) everytime.

  • Laggy stages/stages with poor lighting/invisible walls
    Don’t force competitive players to only select a subset of stages because some of them cause lag, or have backgrounds/lighting that make it hard to see what the opponent is doing, or having moving backgrounds + invisible walls so that it’s impossible to detect the stage edges.

  • Character costumes/effects that are too similar
    Don’t make it hard for me to tell which character is my one. If you feel that it’s cool for the character to have a glowing aura or to have moves that cover the stage in fire or lightning, let P1 and P2 have different colours for their effects so that I can tell who is who.

  • Characters that talk non-stop during matches
    This is probably only a problem in Blazblue, but personally I can’t stand how vocal the characters are in that game. Is it really necessary for them to say something after every attack/hit? Guilty Gear was not that bad. Blazblue is just unbearable.

That’s all I can think of for now.

Bad netcode
Unlockable characters

Just want to say that in ST if you input a srk inside of 8 frames its guaranteed. Random input window still has a fixed minimum.

-trolls suck-

I agree about unlockable characters, but “bad netcode” is just a desirable feature (“good netcode”) in reverse. I’d prefer if this thread was more about systems, mechanics and features that games can do without, rather than stuff we would like to have.


The ability to choose what characters not to play, seriously, that shit only promotes more scrubby mentality
and for my personal preferences, stats tracking, and ranking, those shit its what promotes the rage quitters, but i know that those are here to stay :confused:

Hell yes, this is extremely annoying!

On a serious note, intentional imbalances to promote spirit within the community is really one of the most retarded ideas ever. Game balance should emerge. It should not be decided up front.

+1 to characters outfits that blend too well into the background (stealth outfits)
+1 to stage induced slowdowns
+1 to outfits/effects too similar (Looking at you D. Phoenix)


The aformentioned DLC effecting gameplay.

Since bad netcode doesn’t count I’ll elaborate and say input delay based systems, they just make the game look pretty and smooth for casuals whilst screwing over the actual gameplay.

Pre-order bonuses that effect gameplay

The ability to see oponent’s stats beyond disconnect ratio and connection status online before a match, it just creates match dodgers who scrub out and do a runner whenever they see x character.

i guess its not really whats in the “game” per se… but how about not including a “turbo” function in the flagship arcade stick with your name written all over it? its like “here… we made this massively ridiculously complicated game so that those with true skill can shine. Then we added a feature into the controllers so those without skill can still shine, thereby defeating the purpose of even needing skill to begin with…” lol i mean these sticks are widely used and considered tournament quality from what i understand… lets just have them install a macro interface so people can execute any string of chains/links/combos they want with the single push of a button… that will boost the casual gamer sales margin (O_o) rofl

the roman cancel… i’d love it outside of competitive play, but in a tourney… no no no.

kind of hard for me to say as their things I simple can cope with.

  • DLC that affects competitive gameplay
    As long i have their is way for me to get experience no problem here.

  • Gameplay differences between ports
    That kind of inane to me. while I’m all for similar ports, if you going to play a software not native to its origin that you should accept the nuances that comes with it.

  • Frequent balance patches
    again back to answer 2.

  • “New” editions with features/characters that could have been added through DLC
    answer #2

  • Retarded comeback mechanics
    While matter of preference, no game is really designed alike, thinking otherwise going to cause problems. Why can you just deal with it? or not play it?

  • Input systems that get in the way of the player
    I have rarly experience stuff like this but in the end it still user errors.

What i do hate is bare bone training. Or worst no training mode at all.

Comeback mechanics

Im assuming you are referring to the Ultra combo system? I too feel its kind of a game nerfer. People turtle up taking damage strategically to built up Ultra or just suck ass in general and manage to pull a win off by mashing their ultras out. Super is plenty more than enough IMO. Its the primary reason i dislike the whole “Ryu srk>fadc>Ultra 1” thing. Its such a game breaker and he only has it available because i was stomping the ever loving shit out of him a few seconds prior… I know there are going to be some out there that chime in on this with something to the effect of “you are new, therefore you have no right to an opinion” or some nonsense, but i think this one is a no brainer. anyone can see the ultras really should take a hike… the game could be better without them. at least its not as bad as MK9s version… imagine a setup where pressing 2 buttons like you do for a grab or an FA and initiating your ultra… MK9 has the same 2 button ultra for every char in the game lol what a jip…

Street Fighter 2 Characters

I don’t think it’s a good idea to give some people more options just because they paid more or ordered the game before other people.

There’s no reason IMO that in this day and age that significant differences between ports should exist.

I think that most people agree that while some ideas can be good in theory, they can be implemented in a fashion that would ruin an otherwise good game. As for not playing it, that’s basically the point of the thread. I want producers (and I do believe some of them browse these forums) to take note of things that may prevent people from playing or even buying their games.

Why is me having to switch the direction I’m holding for 1 specific character only a user error? You could argue that it’s just part of the character’s design, but that’s a stretch. The truth is that in the case I mentioned it’s the input system getting in my way, because I don’t have to do that with any other character.

-SF4/MVC3 button config

-Involvement of Ono

-Lack of ability to pick different stages in training mode (SF4)

Do you mean the way that the buttons are set up? Or the fact that you can’t press a button to assign it?

the way that the button config works, its incredible that after years, they have not changed that at all

add to the the inability to choose the bgm separately from the stages -___-