Feature your work on my cabinet at EVO 2k7! Competition!

Well sort of. I am looking for some quality grafix for my new back to back cab that I will be taking to EVO 2k7.

Here is the cab that they will be going on.



One side of the cab will be painted white and the other black. The buttons and ball top on the stick will be will be the same as the cab.

The dimensions of each pannel is 18.5 x 8.5. There are a total of four pannels. I would like to have orgional art for each. Two of them are for Jap sticks and two for American sticks.

One player side I would like to have SF theamed. Mainly Ken/Gief/Fei/Sim. Here are a few images that I really like. I am open to most any high quaity images.

Two player side i would like Vampire Savior theamed.

You are more then welcome to mark your art on the lower left hand corner. Just dont make it stand out too much.

I do want CigarBoB on the top right of each pannel. Very visable and you can make it look like what ever you want. Just make it easy to read.

Ask as many questions as you want and have fun.

I hope that I can have a some finished art by the end of next week so that I can finish up this cabinet.

Thank you.


If you want this, you’re welcome to have it …


I had it made by DJ-VAN from Mugen Infantry.com for that supergun project I was telling you about. It’s never been used on anything as the project never got completed. If you want it, I can dig up the PSD without the stick mockup on it.