FBTV's "Inside the Mind" Vol 1. Nelson Guerra "Senor Taxi"

This is a New thing I plan on doing every month, with an inside look on the mindset and feeling of your fellow gamer. this Month is a look at Nelson Guerra, but you might know him better as “Senor Taxi” Weather you know him from TRB or if you have only seen him from his rise to fame, when he beat Chris G at NCR. I dare say many of you don’t know Nelson as a person, and that’s what I wish to do. I am trying to bridge a gap between Stream Monsters (and other sorts) who have only seen these people when they come on stream, and what they are like in a real and true situation. So Without further Delay, here’s the First Vol. of Inside the Mind: Senor Taxi.

Focus Breaker’s First Vol. Of “Inside the mind: a quick look the mindset of your fellow gamers. This Months Interview is with SoCal’s own, Nelson Guerra, but you may know him as Señor Taxi. Now this is a guy I met and became pretty good friends with at Evo2k13. Saturday afternoon in between pools I decided to go eat at the nearby burger joint in the Food court just outside of the Paris. After ordering I hear the person next to me talking to the waiter about Evo, I instantly begin to listen in and upon hearing him talk I figured out just who I was eating next to. Señor Freakin’ Taxi was right next to me, and we began to talk. He was stressed over make it out of his marvel pool at the time which I replied “I’d love to have made it out man.” He laughed and we continued talking eventually exchanging numbers and Facebook pages. I supported him at his second pool of marvel through the end, but it just wasn’t meant to be. So without further delay, my interview with Señor Taxi.

Philip Motes: “What’s with the name, Senor Taxi?”

Nelson Guerra: “The full name Señor Ass Taxi is a reference to a show called Todd and the Book of Pure Evil. Where the humor is unconventional but hilarious. Anyway I found one of their insults so hilarious I decided to pick that as my handle name for the week as a joke and see if I can get on stream with it when I was previously known as Some Dood. At NCR though I got e-sports down to Señor Taxi and once I did what I did, the name just stuck like glue.”

Philip Motes: “That’s awesome… so wait… when you beat Chris G was the first time you used that handle?”

Nelson Guerra: “No it was about a month or two before NCR when I went with that handle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3oHtE4EKZYk&feature=youtube_gdata_player My first match as Señor Ass Taxi”

Philip Motes: “Alright man, well what game would you say brought you into the FGC?”

Nelson Guerra: "I would say Street Fighter 2 got me into fighting games but I’ve been playing MvC 1 and Third Strike since 6th grade competitively, but (I’m) nowhere near the level of the pros. This video got me into the FGC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9o3MZJ4OfU&feature=youtube_gdata_player."

Philip Motes: “next Lets talk about TRB, how long have you been going there? Would you consider yourself a famous face for the Level Up Arcade?”

Nelson Guerra: “I’ve been going since 2011. And I would say I’m now a familiar face but famous I’m not sure about that haha.”

Philip Motes: “We talked briefly about Chris G earlier. It brings me to ask, after the win against Chris G at NCR and than losing to him at TRB do you feel like that pressure of everyone expecting so much out of you subsided? Or did it make things worse?”

Nelson Guerra: “It felt like a lot of pressure on me because this time I had something to lose if I messed up. I kinda knew I would though because I can’t seem to do things right the second time around. But after that loss I pretty much had to eat a bakery full of humble pie alone while everyone left the table I sat in as if I farted or something. Afterward I took the loss and decided to improve as a player and a person and got 2ND at TRB the week after.”

Philip Motes: “This wasn’t one of my original questions. But after watching your match with Chris at the run back I couldn’t help but be salty for you… what did you think about him swapping Virgil for Magneto?”

Nelson Guerra: “It was kind of a big game changer for me but I was able to deal with it but at the end I ended up losing to myself for making dumb decisions”

Philip Motes: “That’s respectful. This is the last one, what changes between being a “tournament” player and becoming a “well-known” player?”

Nelson Guerra: “As a tournament player I felt I was a guy that was just there. Not really expecting anything out of me except with what I do against certain players. But as a well known player I feel like people know my name and may or may not want to play me. But also expect great things from me.”

Philip Motes: “I can understand that. Thank you for the interview sir. It was a real pleasure.”

In conclusion I want to write that weather you love him, or hate him, or maybe you don’t even know him. He’s a great guy a humble part of the FGC and I for one am proud to be able to call Señor Taxi my friend. I hope to see him do great things, and I’ll support him no matter what. Just remember you still owe me a few matches! Till next time, I’m Philip Motes. Thanks for reading.

I didn’t read all over it, but skimmed enough to see that although you aren’t talking about a fighting game in particular you are talking about the fighting game community…