FBA Cheats for 3S

Are there any 3S cheats on FBA? I can’t seem to find any, and I don’t want to use MAME because I find FBA much easier to use.

you might find this thread useful: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=166366

Thanks, it did the trick.

I get a Guru Meditation error when I try to enable the cheats.

This is the log:

FB Alpha v0.2.96.74 fatal exception report (Sun Jan 04 11:19:17 2009

Exception 0xC0000005 (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION) thrown.
EIP: 0x0052
(attempting to read address 0x00000000)

EAX: 0x00000003, EBX: 0x00000000, ECX: 0x00000022, EDX: 0x00000000
ESI: 0x00000000, EDI: 0x0081E004, ESP: 0x0012F848, EBP: 0x00000001

System information:

OS: Microsoft Windows NT 6.0 Personal Service Pack 1 (build 6001)
CPU: GenuineIntel, Pentium 4 "Northwood"
2400 MHz, MMX, SSE, SSE2 (1 system processor)

Physical RAM: 1571672 KB (1534 MB) total, 899796 KB ( 878 MB) avail
Total RAM: 3403516 KB (3323 MB) total, 2496080 KB (2437 MB) avail
FB Alpha: 123972 KB in use (123972 KB peak, 178288 KB virtual)

Installed displays and display adapters:
Generic PnP Monitor on NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200 (Microsoft Corporat

FB Alpha information:

Built on May 12 2008, 20:05:36, using Visual C++ 9.0.
Optimised for i686 CPUs.
Using multi-byte characters for all text, active codepage is 1252.
Debug functionality absent.

MMX optimisations enabled.
A68K emulation core enabled for MC68000 emulation.
Musashi emulation core enabled for MC68010/MC68EC020 emulation.
Doze emulation core enabled for Z80 emulation.

Emulating sfiii3n (Street Fighter III 3rd Strike: Fight for the Fu…)
Vertical refresh is 60.00 Hz.
CPU running at 100% of normal frequency.

Video settings:
Selected module: DirectDraw7 video output
Interface settings: Running in windowed mode, 1024696, 32bpp
Source image 384224, 32bpp
Using generic software 15->32bpp wrapper
Module settings: Using Blt() to transfer the image
Using video memory for the final blit

Audio settings:
Selected module: DirectSound3 audio output
Interface settings: Playback at 22050Hz, 100% volume
Module settings: Audio is delayed by approx. 83ms

Input settings:
Selected module: DirectInput7 input
Interface settings: keyboard 0 System keyboard: Keyboard
mouse 0 System mouse: Mouse
joystick 0 TigerGame PS/PS2 Game Controller Ad

Profiling settings:
Interface settings: Profiling module not initialised

Detailed process information about ggpofba.exe:

ggpofba.exe (base address 0x00400000, size 8728 KB)

Exception occurred in module ggpofba.exe:
ggpofba.exe (base address 0x00400000, size 8728 KB)

Modules loaded by ggpofba.exe:
ntdll.dll (base address 0x77CE0000, size 1180 KB)
kernel32.dll (base address 0x76960000, size 876 KB)
USER32.dll (base address 0x76A70000, size 628 KB)
GDI32.dll (base address 0x76620000, size 300 KB)
ADVAPI32.dll (base address 0x76550000, size 792 KB)
RPCRT4.dll (base address 0x77930000, size 776 KB)
COMDLG32.dll (base address 0x76C70000, size 460 KB)
msvcrt.dll (base address 0x76700000, size 680 KB)
SHLWAPI.dll (base address 0x778D0000, size 352 KB)
COMCTL32.dll (base address 0x752B0000, size 1656 KB)
SHELL32.dll (base address 0x76DC0000, size 11328 KB)
WINMM.dll (base address 0x75040000, size 200 KB)
ole32.dll (base address 0x77A00000, size 1296 KB)
OLEAUT32.dll (base address 0x76B10000, size 564 KB)
OLEACC.dll (base address 0x75000000, size 228 KB)
d3d9.dll (base address 0x6FEA0000, size 1768 KB)
VERSION.dll (base address 0x75BF0000, size 32 KB)
d3d8thk.dll (base address 0x73580000, size 24 KB)
dwmapi.dll (base address 0x743D0000, size 48 KB)
DDRAW.dll (base address 0x6DF10000, size 916 KB)
DCIMAN32.dll (base address 0x75500000, size 24 KB)
SETUPAPI.dll (base address 0x77B50000, size 1576 KB)
DSOUND.dll (base address 0x6E6F0000, size 448 KB)
POWRPROF.dll (base address 0x75860000, size 104 KB)
DINPUT.dll (base address 0x72000000, size 144 KB)
kailleraclient.dll (base address 0x10000000, size 92 KB)
WS2_32.dll (base address 0x76A40000, size 180 KB)
NSI.dll (base address 0x77E20000, size 24 KB)
ggponet.dll (base address 0x01010000, size 53540 KB)
IMM32.DLL (base address 0x77E40000, size 120 KB)
MSCTF.dll (base address 0x76CF0000, size 800 KB)
LPK.DLL (base address 0x77E30000, size 36 KB)
USP10.dll (base address 0x77EB0000, size 500 KB)
RICHED32.DLL (base address 0x75550000, size 24 KB)
RICHED20.dll (base address 0x6D460000, size 456 KB)
uxtheme.dll (base address 0x755B0000, size 252 KB)
HID.DLL (base address 0x755F0000, size 36 KB)
WINTRUST.dll (base address 0x75620000, size 180 KB)
CRYPT32.dll (base address 0x75E70000, size 964 KB)
MSASN1.dll (base address 0x75FD0000, size 72 KB)
USERENV.dll (base address 0x76410000, size 120 KB)
Secur32.dll (base address 0x763F0000, size 80 KB)
imagehlp.dll (base address 0x768E0000, size 164 KB)
CLBCatQ.DLL (base address 0x76670000, size 528 KB)
MMDevApi.dll (base address 0x756B0000, size 156 KB)
AUDIOSES.DLL (base address 0x74500000, size 132 KB)
audioeng.dll (base address 0x74490000, size 408 KB)
PSAPI.DLL (base address 0x77E10000, size 28 KB)
AVRT.dll (base address 0x75680000, size 28 KB)
ffdrv1.dll (base address 0x003F0000, size 60 KB)

I get the same error (of course with different system specs, I’m running Win2K on a Pentium III) and I’m even using the latest version of FBA. Is it because of the operating system or because of specs?

I’m using FBA Enhanced, which the guy in that thread said he was using as well.

Thara’s yer prablem!

  1. Download Virtualbox
  2. Download Ubuntu or other linux distro of choice
  3. Install Ubuntu/other linux on your virtual machine
  4. Download and compile the sourcecode for fba
  5. ???
  6. Profit!

Or you could always try to mess around with options and plugins if there are any.
Adding servicepacks might just work, i have seen that tip tossed around quite a bit for a lot of problems.

Imperator Optimus, thanks again for that tip. I was mislead to believe that Enhanced was just the most recent kernel of FBA, but turns out it’s an entirely different release. Go figure. Anyways, problem’s solved on my end and I don’t know how, but it’s running even faster on Enhanced than it was on the regular FBA bundled with GGPO.

Huh? So you and I were getting the Guro Meditation error because were using different versions of FBA that don’t support the cheats?

That’s what I’m thinking. The FBA that I got with GGPO gave me those errors, so it’s either that or something totally different. Either way, downloading and running FBA Enhanced works and now I can actually train. Of course, it really isn’t going to benefit you in anything except helping you practice combos since you can’t exactly gun for parry training nor can you practice pressure strings or whatnot. But this works just fine for me till I can get me a new PS2.

Downloaded the new FBA Enhanced and I made the correct .ini file put it in the cheats folder. When I press ctrl + f1 works swimmingly.

Anyone have any idea if this newest version of FBA works on GGPO and 2DF as well?
This is a great method for people who want to practice on a new stick btw.

anyone know which version of FBA enhanced is the latest?

thanks in advance.

All the links to FBA Enhanced are dead.

Anyone know of an emulator which I can use to practice with offline with cheats?

EDIT: Found FBA Shuffle’s homepage here: http://code.google.com/p/fbashuffle/

  1. Dowload the ‘fbas_bin_090426.7z’ from the downloads page or ‘Featured downloads:’ list on the right of the project home page.

  2. Download the cheats named ‘cheats_en.7z’ from the downloads page or ‘Featured downloads:’ list on the right of the project home page.

  3. Unzip the ‘fbas_bin_090426.7z’ contents to any folder, or make a new one called ‘FBAShuffle’ whatever ect.

  4. unzip the ‘cheats_en.7z’ contents to the folder you put the ‘fbas_bin_090426.7z’ contents in.

  5. fire up SF 3 III’rd Strike (if you are using the version GGPO uses it will give you a few error msgs but you can ignore these, I have and it worked for me still.

  6. With SF 3 running hit the top menu “Game>Cheats” or jus press Ctrl + F1 to open the cheat menu. From there its pretty straight forward. give P1 unlimited health, stamina and unlimited time.

any questions send me a PM I wont be checking this post anymore.

i tried ur post digital and i dont think the cheats are even for this game. but thanks anyway.

I have the FBA training mode working for third strike, but does anyone have similar cheats for SFIII: New Generation or Giant attack?

is there any one that knows how to disable the music but keep the sound fx running?

yea there are cheats for SF III: 3s you need to load the game then hit CTRL + F1

make sure you are using sfiii3n.zip as the rom.

hate to revive an old thread, but this is useful. bump

Thanks for this man looked all over srk this week