FBA against focus attacks

every time i hit the FBA I cross over and usually hit but there are some players who use focus attack so I can’t hit them with my claw and they dash a throw me is there anything else beside griping them??

This doesn’t need its own thread. Go to the Q&A thread.

this sure belongs to the Q&A thread but since you asked lets answer and let the thread die.

to force people to react diffrently you have to

1 - do the air throw to them ‘izuna drop’,

2 - double striking them after an EX flying barcelona (requires an almost similar positionning as for the izuna drop but not pressing either direction while pressing the punch button) odds are if you are not good at doing the izuna, you are probably not very good at landing a double strike either

If you can’t prove you can land it on them at will, nothing will stop them from freely punishing you with a focus attack followup. Also relying less on flying barcelona can help even if you can land the izuna drop 100% of the time and you probably never will, the flying barcelona is a high risk low reward move, it has to be used sparringly.

Its main purpose it to keep the opponent under the impression that it is not completely safe to throw slow moves (like fireballs, heavy shoryus, tatsu etc…) at max range. if it is one of your main ways of netting damage you will need to find some others when you improve.