FB Alpha Enhanced R12 v0.2.96.72

I’ve seen some people (most notably ShinBlanka) using this for 3s instead of mame. Is it that much better?

Well, it will be! I guarantee it.

FBA name with a R## indicates that the emulator is still a work-in-progress. Check out these 2 threads for updates:


I hope it becomes better if not already so people can just dump mame kaillera builds to bottom of the atlantic where it belongs.

well people, 13 is out runs way better. for the st players,no stage crashes 60fps in fullscreen:lovin:

won’t be awesome until it supports p2p!

I used it for 3S earlier. I didn’t like it better than mame. The screen sizing options weren’t as good, and the sound was bad. Didn’t seem to run any better than mame. Hopefully it gets better.

well it does just copy the client to the fba folder replacing the old kaillera client

I’m aware it’s a WIP but I’ve definitely noticed some input lag with 3S. Though it’s hard to judge because it doesn’t run absolutely 100% for me. Hasn’t it been confirmed that the older FBAs have input lag when sound is enabled? I was hoping this thing would match the responsiveness of Elsemi’s emulator but with added features.

edit - mostly been using the R13 build, that is

It’s Final Burn, so there’s noticably less input lag on it than MAME. It’s a lot less CPU/memory intensive as well. In my experience, it worked perfectly except for the sound. You just have to turn speed hacks and fast boot on.

Also, for online gaming, make sure you and your opponent disable “Autopause” under the “Misc” menu, or else you will get lag and desynch.

It runs really smooth on my computer and p2p is awesome on it.:wgrin:

This means… ZOMG 3s on GGPO?!

this wud be class
stupid mame, we all hate it.

I hope so.

Wow, just tested R13, sound is a bit crappy but game speed is way faster than Mame on my PC, and inputs give more response feedback, play feeling is better…

Seems connection between Mame and FBA is not possible though…

For the sound, have you tried adjusting the “Audio” settings, like lowering sample rate, disabling FM interpolation, use low-pass filter, etc…?

Not every options, but yes…
Should try more tomorrow…

lol using low pass filter requires more processing

Nobody else is getting some inconsistencies in game speed? Like occasional floaty jumps and stuff? And honestly, to me the input lag seems roughly the same as MAME. Unless it fixes that I don’t really see how it can be better than it, and this is coming from someone who hates MAME.

Maybe I’m just a biased Elsemi fanboy then. I don’t think input lag is acceptable especially when this is being used primarily for online play which will add even more delay. If someone wants to fill me in on how this is supposed to be a better emulator aside from not being a total resource hog, please do.