Favourite Ibuki Color?

Just wanted to know which one is the most used.
I know is probably gonna be #7, white and red. I used to choice than one at first, but seems like every one else is using it too. Used to love** #5** and #6 but I think both of them would be better without the brown ropes. They should be black IMO.

So as for now, though I love #7, I’m sticking with #2, #3 and #8.
The one I’m using most right now is the yellow and black one and the green one (Numbers #3 and #8)
She is probably the only character with decent colors, though I miss some of the SFIII ones.

The black should be solid black

I use her alt 1 colour 4 all the time. I don’t really use the original

I used to be a black ninja with #6. But now it’s all about pink #10.

Also Ibuki’s alt costumes suck compared to original, imo.

Original #6 all the way. Dark blue/black looks best on ninjas.


Really? I hate her alternate costumes. I actually have the “Ultra Pack” 'cause it was only 4 euros (like 4 or 5 dollars) for 2 or 3 weeks so I got it.
It is not bad, but her animations at the end look horrible. And the colors are awful in my opinion.

I always use her original costume, it is more fun to play her as a 100% ninja.

Ibuki’s alt costumes are shitty Imo. Really bland and uninspired.

I usually use her original, the red colour - red’s my favourite colour.

+1 to the comments re Ibukis alts sucking

Ninja all the way!

I don’t really like any of the non-standard colors with her, sticking with default ones.

The costumes though…
Default one is just awesome, ninjas and all, 1st alt shows her cheerful casual side and the 2nd alt has that lil tanuki tail on her belt.

So hard to choose sometimes <3

Although it seems my view on the costumes is way too different from the lot of you. That made me curious, what kind of alt costumes would you guys like for Ibuki? One’s that would complement her background story/personality…

A samurai outfit? A TMNT outfit? Some traditional Japanese clothing maybe? Even maybe change the kunai to shuriken?

Well, actually I like her second alternate a bit. But for her, I would have included two more ninja alternates, totally different from the original one.

I like purple, i use her alt costume 2 all the time in purple. Its a casual outfit which reflects my standard of play, eventually ill upgrade to the school outfit when i learn more, then to the true ninja outfit when i can use her properly, but all in purple.

Get her an Akatsuki outfit. S rank ninja let’s go. (Naruto nerd)

As long as Capcom doesn’t get sued, ofc.

am i the only one that likes Ibuki’s money green color? =/

I don’t mind the second alt, but the third one is just meh. Original ftw cause it’s awesome like that :smiley:
I like the white and red one cause none of the other ones suited my style :frowning:

Until Capcom fixes Ibuki’s hunched neck, I will continue to despise anyone who picks Ibuki’s alt 1 or 2, both of which really exemplify the issue.

Gah! Don’t point it out like that, now everyone will be freaked out whenever they see it. Think of the children! D:

I’ve always loved this one, it is her original costume, but sexier:

naked too much imo.