Favorite Videogame Enviroments

I went through and replayed a couple of games today and forgot how awesome some of the levels in these games were. for example:

this is the first level where the master chief sets foot on halo. when I got out of the pod i was in awe. the feeling of an uncharted “world” being explored for the first time is one of the reasons i love videogames. the level was huge and beautifully designed. another one of my favorites was the flood level. when you are watching the footage from the fallen marine. after it ends you’re like “holy shit these things are gonna get me.” i couldnt find a screenshot for it tho.

Mass Effect also has some of my favorite enviroments. I love sci fi games:

I’ve played a few tales games, but this one had some good eye candy:

i have many more to post (especially from nes-snes era), but i want to see what you guys like. i’ll post more later.

Trying to find better images

Panzer Dragoon



Half Life 2 had some amazing environments:




nice guys:tup: half life 2 was crazy awesome.

loved everything about this game:

epic all around:

another favorite:


Donkey Kong Country- Look much better when your playing.




I like this thread, I’ll post up in a bit.

dkc still looks better than most psx games



ico and shadow of the colossus both had amazing environments and landscapes

How could I forget Abe’s Oddysee

thx, repped and looking forward to it:tup:

Bioshock, obvious but a goodie


fable 2 was amazing

Silent Hill

Fallout 1/2

Beyond good and Evil


hmm artwork really count?




yes, that was one of the most original games i’ve played.

here’s another:


and of course:


I love megaman futuristic backgrounds of the Snes series, i’ll post more when i find them!


I know this game got a lot of hate, but I absolutely loved it. The scenery in this game at times was pretty amazing, especially the forest and garden areas of the game.

Another underrated game this year imo. The mountainous areas were awesome, especially running through the treetops.

I’ve always been intrigued by Virtua Fighter’s stages, as well as many other numerous Sega produced games’ environments. Just wish I could find some better shots of just the environments.

Swizzle Firma from MDK2, one of my favourites:

I second Bioshock and Super Metroid(whole Metroid series actually).

Strider, I loved the idea of a futuristic Russia, still keeping some of it’s older elements(like the style of buildings).

Marathon(artwork by Craig Mullins) by Bungie.

Shadowrun for the SNES.

Alien vs. Predator for the snes, bad game, but had some cool landscapes and backgrounds.

Also Turok: Evolution for the GBA had some really awesome backgrounds and environments, but I can’t find any screenshots of my favorite one.

EDIT: If mobygames images don’t work, just right-click>view image in new window/tab.