Favorite character players

Which character do you love to see played by a Japanese or American pro?

Personally my favorite Balrog ive been watching is Maeda Taison this guy is sick.

Ryu: Daigo ( why not ;p )
Cammy: Allen
Akuma: Edma
Zangief: Itabachi Zangief
Dhalsim: Arturo ( patient as fuck )
Elf: Kai
Viper: Uryo/Marn
Guile: Dagger G
Sakura: SABRE!
Rufus: Justin
Abel: Shiro
Blanka: Moval
Vega: Bebop
Dan: Sanford!
Gen: Yeb

You get the idea?

Off the top of my head

Viper: Sako
Dhalsim: Iyo (ofcourse)
Balrog: Jwong
Akuma: Momochi

Eh, that’s as long as that list’s going to get

Abel- Jap- Shiro/AC Revenger US- BustaBust/Juicebox
Akuma: Tokido/Momochi, Edma
Balrog: Gootecks
Blanka: Mizoteru, Moval
C. Viper- Uryo, Marn
Cammy- Sanford
Chun Li- Nemo, Dae
Dan- Anyone as long as they abuse taunt.
Dhalsim- Iyo, UTJ
E. Honda- Akimo/Namameso, Mike Ross
El Fuerte- TKD, Kai
Fei Long- NA
Gen- Yeb
Gouken- NA
Guile- Dagger G
Ken- Dragon Boy, Edma
M. Bison- ???
Rose- Wait. She’s in SFIV?!?!? :amazed:
Rufus- Kindevu
Ryu- Poongko, Valle, John Choi
Sagat- Mago
Sakura- the one and only
Seth- ?!?!?!
Vega- Tatsu
Zangief- Aloha

Mostly just watch the players that fight the Abels.

Zangief: Itabashi ofc
Honda: Namameso
Viper: FC
Ryu: Poongko alot more fun to watch then Daigo imo atleast he tries to pull of more interesting things.

Cant remember many more tbh.

Hrmm, why not

Viper: Uryo, best execution + new shit
Ryu: Daigo, godlike execution + clever mix-up
Sagat: Mago, kara everything + godlike execution, he IS sagat
Abel: Shiro, one of the smartest players out there, approaches the game from a different angle than others
Gen: Yeb, amazing slap chop execution
Zangief: Mahoshojo, smartest gief in the world, by far
Honda: Namameso, aggressive HHS like nobody else
Blanka: Fax, clean mix-up with a lot of patience
Rufus: Kirisuto, imo he’ll be better than Kindevu a year from now, at age 16-17
Boxer: Maeda Taison, only balrog in Japan to qual for SBO and beats Uryo
Cammy: Allen, the source for cammy mix-up for the entire world
Sim: Iyo, GDLK defense and teching ability
Ken: Yipes, more creative than the rest
Chun: Nuki, world’s best execution, 21 hit non-meter bread and butter, crazy
Akuma: Eita, the most aggressive akuma I’ve seen, big underdog
ELF: TKD, best there is, lands more shining stars in a day than anybody else can in a year
Yoshio: He is a wall, patient and immovable, although (-_-) is a beast as well but aggressive
Dictator: Kim, plays dictator differently than the rest. Mash teleport all the day ftw
Claw: Makoto, actually wins O_O!

Blanka: Legend of Lore

Sako with Akuma…

Dan: Hibiki-san, has lots of clips on youtube.

Abel: Shiro
Akuma: Momochi
Balrog: Gootecks
Blanka: Mizoteru
C. Viper: Uryo
Cammy: none
Chun Li: Nemo/Nuki
Dan: none
Dhalsim: Iyo
E. Honda: Akimo
El Fuerte: TKD
Fei Long: none
Gen: Yeb
Gouken: none
Guile: none
Ken: Sutoraikusan
M. Bison: Inoue
Rose: none
Rufus: Kindevu
Ryu: Daigo/Poongko/John Choi
Sagat: Mago
Sakura: none
Seth: none
Vega: none
Zangief: Aloha

Abel: Shiro
Akuma: Momochi
Boxer: Maeda Taison
Blanka: _
C. Viper: Uryo
Chun Li: Nemo
Claw: _ (didn’t saw Makoto’s claw yet)
Dhalsim: Iyo
Dictator: Inoue
E. Honda: Akimo
El Fuerte: TKD
Guile: "niconico mark"
Ken: none
Rufus: Kindevu
Ryu: Daigo
Sagat: Mago
Zangief: Itabachi

Honda: Namameso
Abel: Juicebox
Blanka: Mizoteru
Cammy: Sanford
Viper: Flash Metroid
Rose: Saqs
Guile: Fuson909
Dhalsim: Iyo

That is all.

Akuma: Tokido, Momochi, Sako
C. Viper: Uryo, Dashio
Rufus: Kindevu
Dhalsim: Iyo

Ryu : Poongko Daigo
Ken : Strike san / Dragon Boy
Akuma : K66
Guile : Furansujin
Honda : Akimo
Rufus: Jwong
Abel : Shiro / Ojisan boy
Sagat : Mago
Sim : Sabin / Iyo
Viper: Kyabetsu
Balrog : Maeda Taison / JWong

Ironfist’s Sagat. Pretty sure you know why

rog-gootecks_______guile-dagger g

Abel: Shiro, Juicebox
Akuma: Ed Ma, Tokido
Balrog: Maeda Tyson
Blanka: Mizoteru, FAX
C. Viper: Uryo
Cammy: Sanford
Chun Li: Nemo
Dhalsim: Iyo, Sabin
E. Honda: Eduardo Perez(the top 8 evo balrog/honda)
El Fuerte: TKD
Fei Long:
Gen: Yeb, Jibbo
Gouken: Desora, and MirrorR on youtube
Guile: Dagger Granola
Ken: Dragon Boy, Yipes
M. Bison: Gama no Abura
Rose: Saqs
Rufus: Justin Wong, Marn
Ryu: Daigo
Sagat: Mago
Sakura: Sabre
Seth: Poongko
Vega: Makoto(only one I know lol)
Zangief: Itsabashi

I actually liked Poongko’s Seth. I thought he played him so well. I wanna learn how to play Seth like that too.

Itabashi’s Zangeif is sick and I totally love it.

J. Wong’s Balrog’s great!! and also his Rufus.

Daigo’s Ryu is pretty good indeed.

Dhalsim: Torimeshi
Guile: God of Guile (Hong Kong’s top player)

Ryu: Daigo
Cammy: Sanford
Boxer: Maeda Taison (that dash ultra is fucking beastly)
Sim: Iyo
Abel: Shiro
Chun: Nemo, Kit
Seth: Arturo
Viper: Sako
Akuma: Momochi
Elf: TKD
Rufus: Wong, Kindevu
Gief: Itabashi
Sagat: Mago
Honda: Akimo
Blanka: Mizoteru

My opinion, slash separates Japanese/American respectively.

Ryu : [media=youtube]xWNmXR__orA[/media] never got his name. I think it was in kanji. Could it be kanbara? The video is fairly old. / Chris Hu

Ken : Emillio / Dr. Chaos

Akuma : Momochi/Issei

Bison : Kuma / Jago (Andre)

Honda : Akimo / SkyeT

El Fuerte : vooh Tetsu san / SkiSonic

Rufus : Naiki / Justin Wong

Sagat : RF / Eric Kim

Dhalsim : Arturo hands down, looks like Iyo is inactive too…ROOOO

Chun-Li : Nuki

C. Viper : Gasshuku (fun to watch), Uryo for coming out with the W more consistently, though.

The rest I can’t give an American player for, too close to tall/don’t know.

Zangief : CANTONA. I don’t think Itabashi plays too smart, personally. Rumor is that they are brothers, too.

Blanka : Mizoteru

Balrog : Maeda Taison / (too close to call!)

Guile : Yoshiwo

Abel : Shiro