Favorable Matches?

Who does 12 fare well against?

No one. 6-4 against is the best odds you’re looking at.


Man 12 can’t catch a break…it’s always an uphill battle with him. Maybe that’s why I play him lol.

Hey Thongboy, care to post up on who that 6-4 is?

Actually, that’s a little off. I think Twelve destroys Hugo, and goes at least even (if not advantaged over) against Sean.

Q isn’t actually a difficult match, it just takes FOREVER, because you can’t really stop him from taunting, and Twelve doesn’t do much damage in the first place.

Outside of those two… ouch.


Ive beaten a good necro player with twelve. I made twelve my first character and ive found the game easier because I learned the game on the hardest character.

If he wasn’t using Magnetic Storm, then he wasn’t that good. If he was, and he lost… then he has no business using Necro in the first place.


It was a close match, went to the 3rd round we both had a sliver of hp. no we wasnt using that, another one that reaches out to the ground. but i beat him with the through the ground poke from the opposite side of the screen just in time before his super reached me. we both did the same type of attack but mine had priority. thus I won.

Electric Snake. His best SA next to Magnetic Storm.

ElSnake is better than Magnetic Storm in almost every situation EXCEPT against Twelve. Thus the query.

Any time Twelve air-dashes, Magnetic Storm. A monkey with an NES Advantage should be able to win that match. Him using ElSnake shows that he didn’t know what the hell was going on. There’s no way that match should be close. Full screen ElSnake for the win? Negro please.


Yeah…MS can has some kind of gay vacum effect that can suck you in while you attempting a poke or something.