Fatal Fury should be SNK main series

I mean really. Don’t mean this as a flame, but I have been a Street Fighter fan since the beginning. And on the SNK side of things, the only series I’ve felt was reasonable competition for Street Fighter was Fatal Fury. I’m not sure why KOF has become the game that SNK focuses on and ever updates, when there is so much more that can be done with Fatal Fury.

Fatal Fury 1 was a good game for the time. Being more of an answer to Street Fighter 1 than a competitor for Street Fighter 2. It introduced us to plane shifts, and interactive environments. but when Fatal Fury 2 came out, I think we did get SNK’s answer to Street Fighter. In my opinion it could rightfully be compared to Street Fighter 2 in terms of character roster and interesting characters overall.

I also believe that Fatal Fury was a different experience than Street Fighter 2. Yeah, there was things that were similar to pull you in, but then there were new things that were also interesting. Fatal Fury 3 just made things better.

all of the Real Bout Games were innovative, with great animation, and adictive gameplay, an some unique features. Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 just fined tuned the formula altogether, and we got an adictive game.

And the SNK releases the masterpiece MOTW, which despite being a new engine and game, still manages to be balances, and interesting.

In my opinion in a fair world. SNK would be make a Fatal Fury game to compete with SFIV instead of KOFXII. And while I don’t hate KOF, it is too flawed to be SNKs flagship title. I believe Fatal Fury deserves to be the true game that takes on Street Fighter, because it has a better track record, with better games, more interesting character, etc.

I’m not sure how broken Fatal Fury games were, but they can’t be any worse than 80% of the KOF games out there.

There’s really only ONE really, really good and competitively viable KOF and that’s 98. Everything else so far has turned into a broke-fest of disastrous proportions or just feels like an idiotic game in the first place.

That being said, a few of the Fatal Fury games have always seemed incredibly interesting. I love MotW despite it being a clear answer to SF3. I wish MOTW2 would come out and show us something awesome. High resolution character art for MOTW2 with almost the same kind of animation quality would be hot fucking shit.

MOTW is nowhere in hell a masterpiece, does not feel intuitive to play and is not balanced, some characters suck (Freeman) and some characters totally win for free (Kevin ‘Infinite’ Ryan)…

The whole Fatal Fury series is cool but its better it stays a niche interest rather than some overblown thing that nobody asked for. KOF is the one that everyone looks forward to…plus the character selection will always be better and there’s more scope to be creative.

well, there was a game that shitted both on every SF wever and every FF ever. it was called samurai shodown. for some odd asss bitch move snk made they killedthe series and made kof their main. shits never been the same.

Freeman doesn’t suck, you prob. just suck at using him.
…and Kevin does not have an infinite.
Garou is pretty balanced as each character can hold their own so long as the player KNOWS what they are doing.

…but yeah Fatal Fury should be the main fighting game series for SNK.

:rofl: Looks like someone dont know how to play garou :rofl: its alright to be a n00b :wink:

I just want to say this: Garou MOTW is the best SNK game EVER, is true that Kevin is overpowered, but is not “God Tier” like, you know, Yun or Chun-Li in 3s.

Im still waiting for MOTW2… or a Real Bout style game, but i guess KOF is the only real deal at SNKP right now.

Although I don’t like it, 2k2 has proven to be competitively viable. But yeah, there’s no reason to play it when you have '98.

As for FF, RB2 is the only game I consider to be truly solid. MOTW could’ve been really good if it weren’t for the dumbest defensive mechanism ever.

^What’s wrong with Just Defend? It can really turn the tide of battle at times.

Fatal Fury originally WAS SNK main series but KOF is simply more popular and that’s all she wrote.

Ok, he has multiple 100% combos then. No way in hell Freeman is as good. Tournament result and characters used in the latter stages dont lie.

And no i dont suck at him, i’d rather play a decent game like Vampire Savior…

Well that’s one of the main reasons. It’s like parry but 10 x more dumb. There’s even less risk because you have to tap back, you get life back, and some characters (hello Gato) have ridiculous combos out of a guard cancel. That and all the downsides associated with parry (no projectiles, less diversity, randomness, etc.)

Even poking is risky in MOTW, and I consider that to be really dumb. SNK should have sticked to the old Guard Cancels (which were kinda silly still but not at the level of JD) instead of trying to copy SFIII.

fatal fury was the main title of snk until kof came out

no way in hell snk thought the game would become so popular

because of this snk made it their main title

but I have always think fatal fury is the direct rival of SF

like everyone I’m still waiting for MOTW2, kof xii sprites with garou animation and you have your 3s killer

KOF just has a bigger cast and will always be the flagship series. I mean when you include characters from the Fatal Fury franchise and other SNK games, you’re going to be the main.

Have you actually watched Garou tournaments in Japan? There’s been a pretty large rise of Freeman players, and a number of tournaments being won by them.

To the original poster, what is so good about FF as opposed to kof, and what is so broke about kof? Are you sure you know much about these games?

the only snk games i really enjoy is garou,samsho, and metal slug(the zombies fucking pwned) fatal fury already had more of a story behind it too with 3 anime movies out about it as well. if i had to choose between kof and ff it be ff the cast is just more interesting

Can you let people just be fans? Save the scathing criticism for something much more worth your while…

I wanna see a HD 2D Samurai Spirits game before anything else. I don’t care if they have to cancel KOFXII indefinitly and sell off the Fatal Fury franchise to finance it. Samurai Spirits Zero Special was a sstep in the best direction the series possibly could have took after it was brought back. everyhting afterwards though has been kinda…

anyways. yes.

Fatal fury!!!

Dont get me wrong I’m a capcom fanboy but I will have to admit fatal fury was and is my favorite game of all time. Back in the snes and gens days I played it way more than street fighter and mortal kombat. It was the first game that I had to have every version that came out for it. It would be sweet if they remade the game in HD.
I wouldn’t be playing fighting games today if it wasn’t for fatal fury.
Thank you snk!

I still get goosebumps just from hearing Geese Howard song!!!

You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about. I’ve seen Freeman win and hell I’ve seen Kevin lose. Look no further than SRK’s own Nocturnal to see Kevin bested by Kain. And the opponent he faced is no pushover. Dunno where you’re getting your info from. Kevin doesn’t win for free.

JD is nowhere near as bad as parry guy. I’ve watched dozens of matches on Garou and I’ve never seen JD ruin anyone’s game. I’m a Kain player. The only thing JD has taught when playing Kain is not to be fireball happy. Same with anyone who plays Guile, Ryu, or Sagat. You don’t see players JDing crap all over the place either. I’ve seen players JD and still lose. So much for getting life back.

Awesome. A bunch of people are actually ignorant enough to say that whenever Capcom does something SNK obviously copies them right?

As for poking being risky… in what game is poking NOT risky? Go ahead name one game. You can’t. In all fighters poking is risky because there’s that chance your poke can be beaten. Going on the offensive/being on the defensive is taking a risk because something can go wrong. In SF or KOF are you telling me you’ll never jump in on your opponent because you can be AAed thus making jump ins risky? Is poking safe in KOF? In FF? AOF? You play games in which you have a risk safe playstyle? I’d love to know what games you’re playing in which nothing can go wrong.