Fatal Fury Battle Archives 1

Anyone else pick this up? Saw it at Gamestop for 20 bucks comes with FF 1,2,3 and Special.

Got it day it came out.

Haven’t played it though. :rofl:



Still in the plastic infact.

Does anyone have a semi-confirmable list of what SNK is bringing stateside soon? I’d like to know what I would be better off importing. For instance, I had heard NGBC is coming soon, is such true?

^ Yes. November 17th I think.


Good stuff.

Thank you sir.

i got it the day it came out in japan and have since been playing it online for the ps2. i can tell you that this and the 2nd one with the realbouts are two of the best collection cds and versions of these games available.

going back and trying things in the game that you never would have a long time ago is what keeps me playing them. also the comp online is very nice.
i love them too much. get get get!

I still haven’t gotten it. I think Gamestop is the only place that sells it for 20, every where else it’s 15. Yes I’m cheap, I need all the money I can get.

Oh and KOF XI is being released on 10-23 and as mentioned earlier NGBC is on 11-13. Bolded for emphasis.

just amazon or ebay it for $15 each.


I got it last week, haven’t opened it yet, probably tommorow.

Bought it the week it came out. Searched most of the Southeast until I came across a copy. Worth picking up for the nostalgia and to show SNK we still care.