Fatal Fury Battle Archives 1 (collection)

Supposedly out today. Contains FF1,2,3 and FF Special. 15 bucks. Arranged AND Original soundtracks for each game.

Alright…so you held off on the Art of Fighting collection because AOF was a little too esoteric and niche for you (edit: hard).

Well, here’s your chance to get it right, because I KNOW everyone here knows what Fatal Fury is.

SF fans…DOA fans…VF fans…MK fans…GG fans…SC fans…and especially KOF fans. I don’t care who you are. If you’re posting on SRK you KNOW what Fatal Fury is and its influence on today’s fighting game world:

  1. The laundry list of classic characters that this series spawned:
    Terry, Joe and Andy
    Mai Shiranui
    Geese Howard
    Billy Kane
    Kim Kaphwan
    Ryuji Yamazaki
    Blue Mary
    Duck King

  2. No KOF series…No Garou: Mark of the Wolves…No CVS2…
    Not without Fatal Fury…the original King of Fighters game.

  3. Ground Projectiles- Yeah, SF was all about air projectiles…by definition a projectile goes through the air. But, FF was all about turning that definition on it’s ear, inventing two classic ground projectiles: The Power Wave and the Reppu Ken.
    Ever since, fools have been rolling stuff at their opponents without hesitation…Iori, Micky from AOF, Rock Howard. It’s virtually an epidemic now. And, it’s an oxymoron.

  4. Super Moves- Who knows if we’d even HAVE them at all without FF2’s hidden DMs? AOF also helped…(buy that collection, too.)

  5. DOA can basically bow down to Mai for her contributions to fighting game infamy. For better or worse, Mai helped revolutionize a trend in fighting games (heck, video games in general) that still prevails today. Shrug

  6. Characters with quarter circle moves AND charging moves?! What?

  7. The king of all win-poses. See where the first hat was ever tossed.

Just some of the reasons. There are many more. Including the 2-on-1 fights in Fatal Fury 1…Geese Howard’s theme in Fatal Fury Special (THE best version of his music ever)…financing the upcoming US releases of NGBC and KOF XI…

Pick this one up. Support companies that listen.

See my avatar ;), nuff said.

anyone know if this actually came out today?

edit: called Gamestop and the dude said its not on his shipping screen which usually means it has shipped so it could show up anytime in the next 48hrs. or the dude could have just been full of it like most gamestop employees are :slight_smile:

If it came out, waiting for review.

Amazon shows today as the release date, but also says this:

“Availability: In stock soon. Order now to get in line. First come, first served.”

I’m thinking that it was shipped, and they are expecting it today, but it hasn’t arrived anywhere yet.


Can’t say anything about the US one, but if it’s a port of the JPN one then by all means get it without question.

I have “Fatal Fury Special” cartridge for Super NES. This awesome game. fastest loading.

I heard Fatal Fury Battle Archives 1 collection on PS2. I’m bit worry about how loading? :sweat:

Call me crazy, but the playstation 2, is a little bit faster than the SNES, so It should load faster, but again thats just me being crazy ;). (Even emulated)

Usually games are not available in stores until the day after the “release.”

Already got the JPN release, so no reason to rebuy it. Sorry SNK USA.
Anybody who doesn’t already have this though should get it. ESPECIALLY at 15 bucks. Special alone is worth it.

So its arcade accurate? Are they emulated or convertions? Any difference in gameplay

Must get this now.

Hanzo, just get it. Jesus…

I can’t find anything about it on EB or Gamestop’s website

just called gamestop, they said they have nothing on the comp or for reserve. anyone know whats going on?

I went to EB Games and the guy said there’s nothing in the computer…

I’d better get a copy or I’m going to every single game store I can find and BUSTA WOLFing the guy behind the counter in the FACE.

Employee: Welcome to Gamestop, are you looking for something in particular?
Me: Are you okay?
Employee: …I’m fine, can I help you?
Me: No, you don’t understand. Are YOU okay?
Employee: …I don’t understand…
Employee: Wha-- Oh Shi—
Other customer: Lol, pwnt.

When I worked at Gamestop, we never had AOF Collection on pre-order nor did we get a copy until like a week after the release. Oh yeah, GS also jacked the price up to $20 on AOF Collection.

I expect the exact same thing to happen to FF Archives…

Your probably not going to see anything about it, what with madden coming out and all. Holy crap am I glad I’m not working at gs this time of year again.

edit: Yeah it’s most likely been shipped but gs and eb aren’t going to hype it since Madden 08 is coming out like end of this week or so

They have this weird ass rule that a game that is released for under $20 is a C-List title and it bears little or no importance to them. So you may see it you may not. Something similar happened when AOF Anthlogy dropped. The store I frequent got 2 copies. And I had to call in the favor to get one of those. So because of the importance that GameStop gives to this game you may have a hard time finding it through them. So hit your Amazon, Game Crazy, or eBay because you will have less of a hassle through one of those options. And this same behavior will happen next month when XI drops and when NGBC drops in October.