Fat Man Seeks Thunder Thighs for Beatings

I enjoy sitting on faces, placing my hands in all manners inappropriate, and have a tendency to rush head strong into things- often blindly to a fault.

I am looking for a girl that knows how to play hard to get, can do the splits, and knows how to wrap her legs around a big guy like me with ease.

I’ll be on XBL tonight with a room in waiting, so if you would like a romantic encounter please reply and hopefully we can meet.

XBL: feistynoob
PSN: Feist


lol, a bit cheeky i know. I suck in honda vs chun matchup. looking for some practice here.

'The hell kinda kinky shit is this?!

Like it lol… Made me chuckle, shame I’m from the UK or I’d play ya with a message like that it would be rude not too

Best matchup request thread ever.

head explodes

Somebody close this thread smh…

And here I thought it was going to be another Rufus thread. :sad:

And here I thought it was going to be another Rufus thread. :sad:

For the record, you know that when Honda lands his Ultra 1 his last big hand is right on Chun’s chest.

Honda’s a perv, yo.

Lol, that was true genius. I read that with the tune of SNL’s “Iran So Far Away” playing in my head, haha!

Ok, so I realize not many good players want to waste time with people with bad matchups so that’s why I was desperate with the wording. What I’ll do when I get home from work is post up a match of me versus a very good Chun Li, IMO.

I do horribly against zoning pressure (playing hard to get). It’s one thing to read tips and another to gain the experience with real play. Any Chuns willing to spare some time, maybe even a FT5 or something, would be greatly appreciated.

Feel free to add me. I don’t play online often but when I do, good matchup help is well appreciated.

PSN: SnakeAes

Thx SnakeAes, I’ll definitely add you tonight. Looking forward to our date! :slight_smile:

I don’t think that’s the case at all… to be honest, it just seems the forum activity amongst the Chun community has become a little stagnant over time.
Having said that, look for an invite from me later today.

I laughed. Well done, sir.

Yeah, it’s just that not that many people post in these parts. The other character forums have it worse, even. I’m sure people would be thrilled to have matchup experience.

I still routinely lose to Honda players who are much better than me. I wish I could help, but I mostly play offline (arcades/PS3 at home).

Hey, thx bahn! I’m heading to Round 1 tonight tho so I won’t be on. Definitely send invite when you can tho. I’ll be on Sat after work around six. Still gotta meet up with SnakeAes. I watched his tourny videos, way good.
Some videos I promised (better late than never!):

feistynoob (HO) vs Frost0044 (CH)
On a good day…
I spammed buttslam the first round because I was getting AA badly. Couldn’t figure out a way in. Second round Frost0044 definitely stepped it up and baited my buttslams for punishes. Frost missed a chance for ultra the third round, leaving me some breathing room for the win.

Feist (HO) vs bird_face1 (CH)
On a bad day…
Mash Central, dropped links, misstimed Supers/Ultras, and lots of failed Hail Mary headbutts. Bodied is an understatement.

Tourney videos…?

You may have me confused with Snake Eyez, or SnakeEyes, the Zangief player who plays at Wednesday Night Fights. That is unfortunately not me. Unless you’re talking about my YouTube channel, which has outdated vids of me playing online, mostly in Vanilla lol.

Also, I will be at R1 tonight rocking Chun and maybe messing around with Juri and Oni. I’ll see you there. I will probably be wearing a UCI hoodie, unless I decide to go home and change after work lol.

Oh sorry, I didn’t read your post before I left. I woulda said wassup dude!

Ya, that scrubby Honda player, that was me lol. Most I managed was a three win streak. I did break a few guys’ long streaks only to be taken out the next game tho. I definitely noticed a good juri last night, took out my friend’s akuma and another friend’s dictator. Was that you? That’s what’s up.

So, I’ll prolly be on psn first around 7 tonight or so, maybe xbl late tonight. I’ll look for either of you fellas. Hopefully we can get some games in.