Fast Five Movie: EJECTO SEATO CUZ!

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For nostalgia seeing everybody together was just flat out awesome!!! I only went to see Vince’s Interaction with O’conner and loved every bit of it.

The dialogue is classic everybody is classic. There are quotes that everybody will love or love to hate.

Imax was packed and damn if this wasn’t a solid movie.

Stay after the first set of credits for some craziness!!!

Fast and Furious nostalgia 8.9/10

Stand alone action movie 8.4/10

You just cant go wrong if you like these movies.

Going to see it on sunday with a few friends from work.


I’ll be seeing it tonight when I get out of work. The few people I know who have seen it seem to love. I’m excited to see old school faces in the movie.


Yessir Ronin you gonna love the interaction best believe Roman is hungry!!!

maybe its just me but that surprise at the end after the credits was kind of a jump the shark moment. They definitely need to explain that stuff ASAP in the next movie.

Might check this out at a late showing tonight. The last Fast & Furious was pretty solid, hopefully all the good stunts/visuals weren’t just in the trailer. I have a feeling this should be pretty good though.

Oh, and use spoiler tags. If you guys fuck the movie up for some people, including me, we’re gonna be pissed. Don’t be that guy.

Thank you for saying this.

You know no spoilers the movie is too good to spoil peeps.

True that Kusanagi

I’ve seen the trailer and the Rock looks absolutely massive in that movie… seriously, dude is huge.

Going to see this and Dylan Dog tonight with my gf.
No one in their right mind should pass up Riddick vs. The Tooth Fairy.

Oh your good man, like almost 2 hours of awesome.

Yo samething I was thinking like damn is that old school 280 rock lol.

Bill Simmons has a podcast with Adam Carolla on the movie up on

It’s kind of spoilerish, but at the same time they said you can’t spoil this movie, becuase it’s just that awesome!

This movie is SICK… caught the midnight showing, then texted everyone around 2:30 in the morning to go watch it.

Vin Diesel vs the Rock is such a hilarious concept. Vin Diesel is 5 foot 7 on his tiptoes, the Rock is a LEGIT 6 foot 3. They must have done some tricky ass camera work.

Five bucks says Derek Lowe, who was arrested last night for street racing while intoxicated, just came from a Fast and Furious showing. I can’t believe I’m being dragged to this movie tomorrow. I can almost hear the idiots peeling out of the movie theater parking lot already.

All I’m gonna say is, I read the spoilers, and if FF6 is gonna be about where FF5 ends off, and they make a FF7 after that, in Fast and Furious 7, that Asian dude better be dead. I mean, goddamn, HOW FAR INTO THE FUTURE WAS TOKYO DRIFT?!?!



that is all.


Yea this movie looks really fun. I’d really like to see it.

I saw it tuesday and really enjoyed. It’s the second best if not the best out of the franchise. It’s like half car movie and half ____ movie.

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