farewell seattle

came off of my cruise a couple days ago, came on the cruise the day after northwest majors, and now my flight out is tomorrow. university of toronto, here i come.

i originally played fighting games only on netplay, being around 16 with no car or license, it was a little more difficult to get into the scene, especially with little skill or game to offer. in addition, the main game i was playing/learning with was melty blood, a game that few people play in the first place. this april, however, i made it to preppy’s and got to know people and had a lot of fun. i went the next week afterwards, and then after that, school kinda caught up with me for a while. after graduation, i went every time i could during the summer, made it to jared’s once, and hit up gameworks many times.

i’ve got to say, one of the things that kept me involved in the scene the most was not about the game: it was about the people. SF4 is still clunky to me and i still have a ways to go before reaching how good i -should- be at playing the game, but everyone is just too welcoming and too fun to be around to not want to make it to gatherings. i know not all scenes are like this, and i hope the one in toronto is at least as half as friendly as you guys are, because everything is fun with friends, and if you already love street fighter, a scene full of friends makes gatherings and big events such as NWM (and hopefully some others that it looks like you guys are trying to organize) an amazingly fun thing to be a part of.

an aside, i hope the melty scene grows here in WA with the new actress again, melty being the game i originally started with, being able to come back to it as a game with lots of playerbase and hype would also be amazing for me. instalove to everyone in the scene who isn’t trashing the game. trust me when i say this, this game got rehauled and it is serious business now. guilty gear is to old scrubby mashy melty blood as is new melty blood is to blazblue (or so they say).

i -might- be coming back for a couple weeks for winter holidays (although really no guarantees that i can go to any gatherings in that time), but my school term ends in mid-april, so i won’t be gone for too long. meanwhile, i’ll be hitting up NEC and any other EC events. maybe i’ll see some of you guys there haha.

again, i thank you all for welcoming me in the scene and being helpful to everyone, i can’t think of a single person in the scene who hoards technique or deliberately tries to be an ass or make enemies, and i think that says a lot, especially for our size. good luck everyone, i’ll see you on holidays.

S-nyukka you’re leaving?! It was tight knowing you, no doubt, and good luck with school and anything else heading your way! Keep up on that Akuma!

Good luck at school. I’ll add you on live, so hit me up if you ever wanna play a few matches.

It seemed like I didn’t start getting to know you better until you were about to leave =[. I know I gave you a hard time for going to Toronto (lol) for school and all that, but good luck man. It was definitely nice knowing you.

get me on the fb steven! hope you grabbed a seattleversus shirt so the toronto know why youre beastin

Hey man it was definately good having you around! Keep it real out there and let us know how it goes.

Have fun in Toronto and rep a NW Akuma while ur at it.

Peace out, Stefan! Party it up! oh yeah, do the school thing, too.

Have fun bro. It was cool kickin it with you.

Keep your head up, and your shoulders back my friend.

I hope you have a great time over there in the EC. :tup:

Don’t be a stranger bra!

Hey bud! Take it easy up there. … And keep the XBOX! Don’t cross over to the PC side! Haha

As few times as I saw you, it was always a pleasure. I hope you do well in Toronto and come visit Seattle from time to time. Do you have plans on staying in Toronto yet, or will you be coming back after school?