Fanta in madcatz

how would you mod the top panel on a madcatz te or se? everyone always says that you would need to heavily modify it but i cant find any directions on how to do it. i just want directions on how to do it and what tools i would need.

Crown has a few fanta variations that are direct replacements for the JLF.

For a Fanta with a collar, you will need to drill a hole (I think it is 35mm), and find a way to mount it since it is a different size then a jlf. Check out this for more Korean info Korean arcade parts discussion

i forgot to mention that i do have the crown but i would rather have the actual green myoungshin in the case.

You have to be handy in metal working, widing the joystick hole and modifying/replacing the mounts
Maybe use a mount plate adapter?

I did this to a Razor atrox stick, think the mod would be similar, took me 30mins to do the mod with a 35mm step drill and few clamps.

few shoots of my mod is in this post.

(step drill)

so what would you do with the clamps? lol thanks for the help

To hold the the JLF Mounting plate when you need to drill it, actually i screwed it into a piece of wood then clammed the wood instead.