Fanfics...that don't suck

As a service to all of you who wander in here, looking, for one reason or another, a fix of fanfic-ery, I have concocted this secret thread in which fanfics that don’t suck can be listed for archival purposes!

I’ll start this off with a gem I found called Geese Howard: Through time and space.

It’s a poignant tale written in script format (AND comprehensible) about one Geese Howard, who has become dreadfully disenchanted with his lifestyle as of late. Scope this shit.

Now post others that are confirmed to not suck. Because we really need them. :frowning:

Am I the only one who thinks it’s hysterical that no one can think of a Fan Fic that doesn’t suck?

Not hysterical, just something that’s actually ironical.

However, I’m sure there are ones that people are thinking of that don’t suck, but just aren’t finished yet (at least, I would think…). For example, the following story most certainly does not “suck”:

Nightmare Symbiosis

It’s just not finished.

We too should attempt for some less “sucky” stories considering the few that we have around here now.

Wha…? It’s still not done?

Now that I think about it, where did South go? I perfer his SF vs KOF story to NS, probably because I read it first.

Matter of fact, let me see if I can find it…


And of course, it’s still not done. :frowning:

I agree that Nightmare Symbosis did not suck, but it’s written in a kind of way that I don’t think it will ever finish. I think I gave up around the 30s Chapter where they were announcing who was going to compete in the Tournament. My thoughts were like, “We know who’s gonna be in the Tourney Man, start it already!”

I didn’t agree with all the match ups, but it’s still the best SF/KOF crossover I ever read. I’ll get back to reading it once he types these two magic words, “The End.”

Ah, who am I to judge… it’s still great entertainment for free.

I’ll admit ‘The Path’ was decent.


I feel silly for plugging my own fic.

Especially since you stopped writing it. :mad:

Should we put fanfics that don’t involve Street Fighter as well? We are kinda limited by the amount of good Street Fighter fics out there…

I stumbled upon this thread looking for “Nightmare Symbiosis” through Google search. Ironic it’s mentioned here. Anyway…

I recommend “Team 8”. It’s a *Naruto *story based around an incident involving Kurenai before the events of the series proper, and when it comes time to tutor a genin team, she asks for Naruto specifically. It’s very well-written and highly detailed. I usually don’t like too much related to Naruto, but this has got me hooked.

(Geez, the thread is hella old. I really need to stop procrastinating with regards to the things I’ve planned for this forum.

…Eh, I’ll start them later on since this week is looking uncertain with Labor Day weekend coming up and everything.)

Yeah, I think “Nightmare Symbiosis” has been dead for quite a while.

I can vouch for “Team 8”. I’ve pretty much washed my hands of anything related to Naruto, but I was following along since the middle chapters of it and it is quite good, if a little anti-Sasuke. It’s a shame it still hasn’t updated since the beginning of the year, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that was because of the huge backlash with regards to Chapter 20 on top of the author seemingly pursuing published works.

Backlash Wave



Ka-…oh, I mean, the backlash that happens when he kills off Kurenai. It’s interesting that he’s not going the St. Itachi route, but at the same time, even I still don’t know how to feel about either one of those things.[/details]

Given that it didn’t exist in 2004 (I think), I might as well link to TVTropes’ FanFic Recommendation page. There’s quite a few good stories I’ve come across there aren’t on there, but it’s an excellent place to start for the most part.

Bummer. None of my stories are on there :frowning:

I’m going to start a fanfic, though I do hope I can peform well with it. I wanna aim for it to not suck, and would appreciate feedback. In fact, if you could tell me what DOES make a fanfic suck, then that’d help. I don’t know the preferences of people here. Thanks :slight_smile:

Do they have to be strictly video-game related? If anyone remembers the Disney cartoon “Gargoyles,” my friend has written some great fanfics. I’m providing a link to one of his best, but he’s got a bunch of others on

The characters are very true to their canon selves (so it largely avoids the pitfall of self-indulgence that trips up many a fanfic writer, which was one of the things I felt the Gargoyles Saga ficverse at was guilty of), and his story ideas are pretty close to the direction that I think the comics were going in.

As far as video games are concerned, for some reason I’ve found myself seeking out Fatal Fury/KoF fanfics lately. I was never a huge fan of fighting games, but I recently rediscovered the Fatal Fury animes on YouTube, after forgetting they existed for a LONG time. Overall, they haven’t aged well, but it was an amusing slice of 90s nostalgia, and I guess that nostalgia has got me searching for fanfics. The problem I find with those fanfics, though, is that the few that are actually written really well are usually incomplete, and the writer stopped posting chapters just when things were getting interesting or suspenseful.