Fan-Characteriction thread: Create your imaginary new Street Fighter V character

Since most of the launch characters are announced, I thought it might be nice to make this thread just for kicks. I was hoping for a character to represent Canada in the world of Street Fighter. Capcom can’t please everybody. But at least we can dream right?! Describe your ideal new character here as below. Who knows? Maybe Capcom might even pay attention to some ideas!



Fighting Style:


Moves (optional):

Playstyle of the character:

Reasons for this character:


My attempt-

Name: Mason
Nationality:** Canada

Fighting Style: Brawling/Ice hockey fighting

Appearance: Wears a polo tshirt and work-out pants. Sporty appearance with blonde hair. The typical white alpha male. When V-Trigger activates, his prototype icehockey gear automatically suits him up (like them self-tying Nike shoes).

**Moves: **

Fistfight Barrage: Throws a fury of punches ice hockey style. Most useful if combod in from a normal.

Misconduct (command throw): Drops them on the floor and just pins them down punching their face.

V-Skill: Throws a hockey puck. Or grabs a hockey stick (like Cody knife) and trips them.

V-Trigger: Puts on his icehockey gear which makes him take less damage, deal heavier blows and gain access to more moves such as Helmet Smash and Shoulder Barge.

Playstyle in general:
He is a in-your-face brawler. Techniques are typical brawling and school bully fight tactics. Like a mix of Boxer and Makoto, no charge moves.

Reasons for this character:
Street Fighter needs a Canadian character. Tried to imagine a fighter stereotypical of Canada. There isn’t a martial art typical of Canada but that’s okay. Characters like Guile and Rashid are not based on any fighting styles. What IS stereotypical about Canada is actually Ice Hockey.

Mason is a brutal ice hockey professional from Canada. He is into ice hockey more for the fights than for the sport itself. You might think of him as someone as brutal as Boxer. He doesn’t have a fighting style in particular, just a regular Alpha Male tough guy. Was the most feared bully back in school, now a the most feared hockey player, has been the MVP for 2 seasons running. He got his prototype hockey suit from his no. 1 fan Rashid. His love of fighting and brutality has attracted the attention of Bison.

This is straight up fan fiction territory. Moved.